Jillian Ditner illustrates Oxford University Press Climate Textbook

Below is just a small sample of the dozens of scientific illustrations Jillian Ditner recently completed for Oxford University Press' textbook Weather and Climate: An Introduction. Working alongside assistant managing editor Peter Chambers, Jillian was asked to create a wide spectrum of illustrations, from technical charts to intricate environments. Comfortable illustrating in both traditional and digital mediums, Jillian chose to work digitally for this project.  As explained by Jillian, "the diagrams' subject matter were complex but also needed to be portrayed in a clear and uncomplicated way." 

For Jillian, one of the most interesting challenges in this project (and it holds true for most technical projects) is the need to decipher dense, scientific text and translate it into a visual aid that can be easily understand. The illustrations become an essential part of the learning process.