Angelica Yiacoupis' Creative Process

Find inspiration. Follow your instinct. Experiment and perfect.  We asked illustrator Angelica Yiacoupis to walk us through her creative process.

i2i Art: Where do you start?

Angelica Yiacoupis: When working with a client, I start with brainstorming words from the brief, which then leads off into numerous spider diagrams. Following this I draw tiny sketches from these words. These turn into little rough thumbnails of jumbled up ideas.

i2i Art: What’s your go-to inspiration?

Angelica Yiacoupis: I ‘google’ of course, and I look through my pinterest collections. Sometimes I find inspiration off websites such as Bored Panda and exhibitions; the ‘Pick me up’ Graphic Art Fair being my personal favourite. Magazines such as Computer Arts are also full of great ideas.

I am also inspired by several artists work such as Leandro Castelao and Mick Marston with his bold use of vector animals. The fascination I have with Leandro Castelao’s work stems from the mechanical inside workings of machines and technology from a young age, which I also incorporate into my own work.

 i2i Art: What’s the next step in your process?

Angelica Yiacoupis: I never normally have the final image completely drawn out before I start on my mac, as I find the idea changes as I’m creating the piece. I don’t take my sketches onto the mac either, instead I draw them out digitally from scratch to create a more structured, symmetrical look that I find is better suited. I experiment a lot with composition and ways of drawing elements of the image in Adobe Illustrator, as well as testing out lots of colour palettes. Most of my creative process is spent on the computer as I’ve always found it easier to jump right in.

My final outcome is always a polished structured piece as I love perfection in my own work.

Let’s take a look!

Coca Cola & the Gods

Angelica Yiacoupis: A completely open self initiated brief. I wanted to create something fresh and out of the ordinary. I started by choosing to advertise Coca Cola because of my strong interest in advertising and the fact that they have such fun and lively existing adverts, they would be a a major dream client for me. I decided to tie in the concept with the idea of Greek mythology. With this unique idea I wanted a unique layout. I came up with the idea of dividing the series of pages into three sections and then showing three ways Coca Cola was being used by each god to tell a story in each piece. And so Coca Cola and the Gods was born.








Global Warning

Angelica Yiacoupis: This idea started from a drawing I did a few years ago. I decided to create the quirky character and as I did the evolution began. The outdated robot on it’s last legs transformed from the drawing into a much more complex creature. I always like to give my work some sort of meaning, to add a purpose and get a strong message across to an audience. The original piece with the robot bomb bumble bee seemed to fit in very nicely with the idea of self destruction and the effects humans are having on the environment and the world. I then added the landscape and combined with the character, I feel it carries a strong message.  I decided to add to the seriousness of the message of climate change by showing more aspects of climate change such as gas emissions and the effect carbon dioxide is having on animals—by killing them.


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