Jillian Ditner for Reader's Digest

Jillian Ditner illustrated the Editors' Choice feature entitled, Beasts of the East, about a veterinarian's adventures in Newfoundland.  The feature is based on Andrew Peacock's book, Creatures of the RockReader's Digest art director Annelise Dekker, always such a delight to work with, designed the spread to accommodate Jilllian's simple floating images throughout.  Goodreads describes Andrew's book as "...a funny, thrilling, unflinching but ultimately heartwarming narrative about the connections between people and animals".  Jillian, a lover of living creatures and nature, brings a gentle touch to the illustrations throughout.  To see more of Jillian Ditner's art, visit her updated i2i Art portfolio.  

JD337a_Beasts of the East