Doug Martin for Sunriver Resort

  Working with Erin Martin, marketing manager at Sunriver Resort, Doug Martin continued (for the 7th consecutive year) illustrating the 2012 Traditions Guide.  The guide outlines over 100 activities families can take part in at the Resort over the holiday season.  We think the retro twist to the design emphasizes a return to good old fashioned family fun!  Wish you were here?


Doug Martin for Harlequin: Scary Stuff

  Doug Martin continues in his rather surreal painting style for the Cozy Mystery series for Harlequin, working with Sean Kapitain, art director.  Scary Stuff by Sharon Fiffer is a story that takes place on Halloween night, when antiques picker Jane Wheel discovers an estate worth killing for that involves unraveling family secrets and revealing evil ghosts eager to banish her to the afterlife.  Doug's meticulous attention to detail includes some eerie elements that add to the tension of the cover image:  the twisted stems on the jack o lanterns, the scary face suggested in fence post, the distressed clapboard on the old mansion and the foreboding silhouette of the raven.


I think we've all encountered the 'haunted' mansion in the hood and accepted the dare to ring their doorbell... where will you be tonight on this Hallowed eve?