Fresh New Talent: Illustrator Angelica Yiacoupis

i2i Art is proud to introduce illustrator Angelica Yiacoupis--the latest addition to our roster.  Based in North London, Yiacoupis graduated from the London College of Communication with a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration.  Her infographic style, combined with her light-hearted humorous nature always makes a bold statement.  Angelica loves to develop characters (and alternative worlds inhabited by them).  Her passion for animals and the environment are also recurring themes in her work.  See Angelica Yiacoupis' complete portfolio.

Proposed Campaign for Orange, mobile and Internet company, UK.
©Angelica Yiacoupis_AY147_i2iArt
Meet Vera the Explorer!  An enthusiastic crusader created for the promotion of Aloe Vera Products.

©Angelica Yiacoupis_AY142_i2iArt

 Below a very cool mascot designed for Mad Grads' Student Planners, for Nottingham and London Universities, comes to life as the character illustrates aspects of student life.

©Angelica Yiacoupis_AY119_i2iArt


©Angelica Yiacoupis_AY120_i2iArt


©Angelica Yiacoupis_AY121_i2iArt