Katy Dockrill: Let's Celebrate!

What could be more fun than a soirée Parisian style? Katy Dockrill's whimsical illustration style will help you set the stage perfectly.  Designer Timothy Siciliano of Party Partners, asked Katy to create the Let's Celebrate mini cake decorating set to add to the already successful Make a Wish and Queen for a Day party kits.

Want to see more? Visit Katy Dockrill's portfolio

Monika Melnychuck adds to the Naked Flock

Monika Melnychuk has designed and illustrated a delightful fourth sku for the growing Naked Flock brand.  The premium cider maker Jonathan Hull (aka Apple Dave) says, "Our Cider is for people who crave unique flavor and are on the hunt for quality." For the interesting story behind the brewers of the Naked Flock Brand, check out this post from the Great Brewers blogRead reviews about the new Citra Premium Hard Cider here.  And for those of you who missed our story on the first three skus of Naked Flock cider, check it out here.

Monika_Melnychuk_Naked_Flock_CitraTo see much more of Monika's illustration check out her portfolio here.



Gary Alphonso for Canada Post: Unveiling New Community Mailboxes

In response to the shrinking demand for snail mail, Canada Post has begun to phase in an expansion of it's Community Mailboxes (CMB's) vs door-to-door delivery.  The process of developing the CMB's was carefully executed with a strategy that involved lots of consumer input through focus testing at various stages in the development.  Canada Post was looking for the perfect CMB to take it's customers into the 21st Century.  One of the key criteria for the new CMB's was to develop an art wrap that would hopefully work as an anti-graffiti barrier.  This is where the call for Gary Alphonso's illustration talents came in.  

Working with the team at Ove Brand | Design, headed up by creative director Peter Baker, Gary Alphonso was given an open creative brief as they embarked on an exploration of various abstract directions.  The art evolved into a beautiful ethereal design that incorporated the maple leaf (a ubiquitous Canadian symbol), floating as if being carried by a gentle wind.   The process was a real contest but in the end, we are proud to report that Gary Alphonso's floating leaf design was among the most popular in focus testing.

Gary Alphonso's illustration applied as a wrap to the mailboxes.
©Gary Alphonso_GA672_i2iArt
Here are some pics of the mailboxes in communities across the country.




View Gary Alphonso's entire portfolio here!

Tracy Walker for Scintelligence

Working with Gayle Akler of Sparkplug Marketing and Communications, Tracy Walker created elements to showcase the Life Sciences start up, Scintelligence, whose purpose is to "work directly with industry, academia and other key stakeholders to bring prospective partners together..."  The concept was all about growth and digging deeper and Tracy's organic and shapes and scientific iconography work perfectly to convey the message visually.  The elaborate promotional package housed an actual shovel (with a sprinkling of dirt no less!)--to drive home the message which was further conveyed in the accompanying brochure. Scintelligence Credentials illustration ©Tracy Walker/i2i art

Scintelligence illustration ©Tracy Walker/i2iart

©Tracy Walker_scintelligence_ blog



Ian Phillips Illustrates New (416) Amsterdam Beer Packaging

  In celebration of Amsterdam Brewery's 25th anniversary, this Toronto based brewing success story decided to relaunch their (416) wheat beer.  Named after the Toronto telephone area-code…this beer honours all things Toronto!


Creeshla Hewitt, Creative Director with St. Joseph Content, approached me looking for an illustrator who does maps and she said, "The kicker is that we'd like them to understand toronto...as it is for hip toronto haunts.", so I shared with her a link to our Pinterest board called 'Maps'.  From there she immediately saw the potential in Ian Phillips.  I knew she had made a perfect choice in Ian (a master with maps, his love of Toronto and 'inside' knowledge of hip haunts)... just a couple of great reasons.  She was also under a lot of pressure to deliver in a very tight time frame and I knew that Ian would never let her down!


The working relationship between Creeshla and Ian was a joy to observe as the art unfolded.  To find out more about his process, take a look at this juicy post by Ian himself on his blog:  http://ianphillipsillustration.wordpress.com/2013/07/05/coming-soon/

©IP959_416Map_Logo©IanPhillips_416Beer_Packaging Illustration

Print and Pattern features Tracy Walker!

  With SURTEX about a week away, we are delighted to share the post Print and Pattern (ultra popular surface design blog) featured on Tracy Walker.  If you would like to meet Tracy and see more of her work please visit us at booth #340 at the Javits Center in NYC from May 19-21.  We'd love to show you more of her work in person!




Monika Melnychuk for Canada Post: Adopt-A-Pet Campaign

  We are excited to unveil this special postage stamp series created by Monika Melnychuk for Canada Post.  Monika's whimsical line art style serves this playful concept, which features photography of actual homeless pets, in environments that could become reality--if only they are adopted.  A brilliant example where the concept is the message!  The would-be homes for these pets, are left up to the viewer to fill in, by adopting a pet!

Working with Vancouver based design firm, Subplot, Monika illustrated the collectable Souvenir Sheet, Official First Day Cover, as well as the Five  Collectable Stamps for Canada Post's Adopt-A-Pet campaign.

It's great to see Canada Post using their currency to help bring awareness to such an important cause.  In 2010, close to 150,000 homeless pets were admitted to shelters across Canada. Partnering with the CFHS, Canada Post wanted to create awareness around the need for animal lovers to adopt from their local Humane Society or SPCA, and give homes to animals who so desperately need them. As of today, April 22 2013, the full package below can be purchased through Canada Post--the collectable Souvenir Sheet Official First Day Cover, complete with all five Canadian stamps.


Project Director: Danielle Trottier, Canada Post.

Designer, Ross Chandler, of Subplot.

Creative Directors: Roy White and Matthew Clark of Subplot Inc.

Photography by: Raeff Miles (cages) and Raina + Wilson (animals).

Alanna Cavanagh's Capsule Collection for Lord & Taylor


The perfect Mother's Day gift (just weeks away)! Alanna Cavanagh's spring capsule collection for Lord and Taylor is now available in Hudson's Bay stores across Canada.  On the heels of the overwhelmingly successful Spring and Holiday limited edition tea towels in 2012, we're delighted to announce this spring 2013 launch. Special thanks to the Bay's Creative Director Private Brand Home, Lucia Kinghorn, for bringing this project to life and to Arren Williams, Creative Director Home Fashions for his vision, dedication to Canadian designers and undying enthusiasm for Alanna Cavanagh's work!The_Bay_Spring2013_©AlannaCavanagh_i2iartThe collection includes a gardening themed tea towel, canary canapé plates, butterfly mugs, as well as floral patterned apron and oven mitts.

Psst...the yellow bird on the canapé plates is inspired by Alanna's pet canary, Lord Percy.




The product development team at the Bay, headed by Pinakin Mistry, did a fabulous job on the packaging of the collection!

Monika Melnychuk for Naked Flock

  i2i Art was approached by cider maker Jonathan Hull of Applewood Winery to have Monika Melnychuk create new packaging for their Hudson Valley Hard Cider, which was to be relaunched under the new name, Naked Flock.  The product name was inspired by a very colorful, visual folk tale about a pastor who plants some poppy seeds and a flock of geese who eat the poppies and fall into a deep sleep.   Thought dead the geese are plucked for their feathers--hence the name Naked Flock.  Read the whole tale on Applewood Winery's website.

Monika says, "This is one of my favorite projects to date.  And the first project I have been hired to do the illustration and design as well.  Naked Geese?  The story is hilarious, so when I approached the project I wanted to create something funny, but a bit edgy as well."

Monika designed the logo and labels and illustrated all three skus of Naked Flock Hard Cider:  Original, Draft and Pumpkin.




Tracy Walker for Kooshoo

  Tracy Walker worked with Working Format's Grace Partridge in creating the art for KOOSHOO's sustainably designed packaging.  Vancouver based KOOSHOO recently launched their line of environmentally responsible yoga accessories and wanted to feature Tracy's natural elements along with diagrammatic illustrations to demonstrate the product's use on the packaging.  The result, simply elegant packaging.  Popular design blog The Dieline recently featured this beautiful new packaging.



Package design, branding, art direction & photography: Working Format.

Monika Melnychuk for Dogbook iPhone App.

Monika says, "I have been a dog geek forever.  When I was a teenager I drew x-mas and birthday cards with dogs.  Then I worked dogs into any assignment I could.  For example in first year illustration we had to design a shopping bag and mine of course, was all dogs. Before I became an illustrator I tried being a dog portrait artist.  Wow, I am a nerd, but I just love dogs!"  Fast forward... Geoffrey Roche, partner at Poolhouse, saw some of Monika's dog drawings and he had to have her illustrate the landing page for the new Dogbook iPhone App.  Can you spot *your* dog?  If you're looking to connect with like minded doggie lovers get the free app here. Also below, see a recent piece on the theme, created for surface design applications.


We think it would make a cool wallpaper or fabric for your favorite dog house.


Monika and her dog Boogaloo share a breathtaking moment in their beautiful world.