Illustrator Jillian Ditner Photo

Jillian Ditner combines her knowledge of science and passion for visual communication to create accurate visuals. She currently works at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology as a graphic designer and scientific illustrator.  Jillian studied fine art and printmaking at the Ontario College of Art and Design University and received a Master's Degree in Design (MDes) from York University in Toronto. Most recently Jillian earned a graduate certificate in Science Illustration from California State University, Monterey Bay, where she honed her observational skills and pursued interests in naturalist subjects, most notably bird behaviour and anatomy.  Jillian's work has been featured in editorials, books and campaigns throughout North America. 

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An illustrator of great breadth and dexterity. I’ve worked with Jillian on multiple projects and am impressed with her ability to create art in distinctly different styles, each of which both reflects and enhances the written content and tone of the project. She is an excellent communicator, thorough in her image research, and willing to accommodate often-shifting schedules. Jillian is a joy to work with and was an integral part of our team and of bringing the vision for each project to fruition.
— Jennifer Tolo Pierce, Design Director, Chronicle Books