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Tara is a deeply passionate and dedicated artist based in Montreal. She studied fine arts and graphic design and continues to push the boundaries of her imagination. She cares deeply about environmental, animal and human rights issues. Tara has worked with firms such as BBDO Montreal, Keygordon, Maclaren McCann Toronto, BBR, Wax Partnership, Sid Lee, LA INC, Origami, Soapbox Design, IF Studio and Parcel Design. Tara’s illustrations have appeared in The New Yorker, The Globe and Mail, Nexus Magazine, Chatelaine, Avenue Magazine, Canadian Geographic, Reader’s Digest, Today’s Parent, Elle Canada, Buzzfeed, several TV series (Master of None, Succession, Younger and Power) among others. Tara’s list of awards includes Communication Arts, Applied Arts, Altpick, and Kenneth R. Wilson Awards. Photo credit: Norm Edwards

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