Illustrator Talya Baldwin Photo

Illustrator Talya Baldwin is originally from London and currently resides in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. Talya's drawings are made using inks, paints, biros, coloured pencils, pastels, wax crayons and felt tips. 

Talya's work is often about taking the time to observe and record things which are unloved, forgotten or unpopular; sideshow performers, feral pigeons, weeds and rats. The drawing process is a way of recognizing the subject, and giving it a sort of dignity in a quiet way. Talya is especially fascinated by birds and also by tenacity as a theme; drawing things that cling to life against the odds.

Talya Baldwin has worked on commissions for Canon, Creative Partnerships, Waterstones, Random House and British Airways as well as many others. She has been funded by the Arts Council twice, and also exhibits her work. 

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