Katy Dockrill's Letterpress Print in The Canadianist: Issue 1

Katy Dockrill creates a masterpiece of true Canadian style for the first issue of The Canadianist. Katy's 'perfectly Canadiana' assemblage is one of five gorgeous letterpress prints found in this collection. Her wholly original image evokes the best that Canada has to offer: from rodeos to ice skating, from the first weekend up at the cottage to those crisp winter days when only a fur-lined parka will do.

The Canadianist: Issue 1 is available now. 5, 8" x 10" prints, in black, red 032 and silver foil.

This collection includes the equally charming and beautiful work of Tom Froese (Foodstuffs), Andrew Kolb (Inventions), Jeannie Phan (Flora and Fauna) and Ben Weeks (Colloquialisms).