i2i Art inc. is now bullfrogpowered™ with 100% green electricity!

In addition to the effort i2i has made over the years to work with Warren's Waterless Printing, one of Ontario's Environmental Leaders, to reduce and re-use paper and to implement environmental methods where possible, we are now proud that the i2i office is bullfrogpowered™ - find out more about  green electricity, visit the Bullfrog Power website. We'd like to share a couple of environmentally themed images from some i2i artists.

Tracy Walker                         Greg Stevenson                    Monika Melnychuk

Aaron Bihari                               Kevin Ghiglione              Doug Martin

Margaret Lee                        John Webster                          Gary Alphonso

Thom Sevlarud                    Philippe Béha                       Harvey Chan

Betsy Everitt                          phil                                        Eili-Kiaja Kuusniemi

Rémy Simard                        Alanna Cavanagh               Ian Phillips