Alanna Cavanagh for Penguin's Puffin Classics Series

  Alanna Cavanagh's trademark cropped figures are popping up everywhere!  Recently Alanna illustrated the cover of Awake and Dreaming.  The cover image sends out a gentle yet provocative invitation to join Theo (the main character) on her journey.  This is one of 4 new editions to become part of Penquin Canada's Puffin Classics Series, where renowned Canadian illustrators breath new life into classic titles.  Art director Lisa Jager did a great job unifying all the covers which you can see on the CBC Books website, where a new edition is being rolled out each day.  Alanna's cover debuted earlier this week.  You can read more about the interview with her here.


Monika Melnychuk for Canada Post: Adopt-A-Pet Campaign

  We are excited to unveil this special postage stamp series created by Monika Melnychuk for Canada Post.  Monika's whimsical line art style serves this playful concept, which features photography of actual homeless pets, in environments that could become reality--if only they are adopted.  A brilliant example where the concept is the message!  The would-be homes for these pets, are left up to the viewer to fill in, by adopting a pet!

Working with Vancouver based design firm, Subplot, Monika illustrated the collectable Souvenir Sheet, Official First Day Cover, as well as the Five  Collectable Stamps for Canada Post's Adopt-A-Pet campaign.

It's great to see Canada Post using their currency to help bring awareness to such an important cause.  In 2010, close to 150,000 homeless pets were admitted to shelters across Canada. Partnering with the CFHS, Canada Post wanted to create awareness around the need for animal lovers to adopt from their local Humane Society or SPCA, and give homes to animals who so desperately need them. As of today, April 22 2013, the full package below can be purchased through Canada Post--the collectable Souvenir Sheet Official First Day Cover, complete with all five Canadian stamps.


Project Director: Danielle Trottier, Canada Post.

Designer, Ross Chandler, of Subplot.

Creative Directors: Roy White and Matthew Clark of Subplot Inc.

Photography by: Raeff Miles (cages) and Raina + Wilson (animals).