Jillian Ditner illustrates for Chronicle Books

Having recently completed a graduate certificate in Science Illustration from California State University, Jillian Ditner turns her attention to this timeless subject matter.  With simple line and exquisite proportions Jillian's takes you through a step-by-step of various stages of pregnancy, delivery and early motherhood. Nurture, authored by Erica Chidi Cohen and published by Chronicle Books is now available for purchase.

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Clare Owen Illustrates for Petite Lou & Co.

You would be hard-pressed to find a better fit than illustrator Clare Owen's charming style and Quebec-based Petite Lou & Co's childhood innocence-inspired aesthetic. The recent collaboration between the two resulted in this sweet yet sophisticated family calendar and party invitation - both available for purchase on Petite Lou & Co's site.

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Katy Dockrill Illustrates for Chudleigh's Farm

Fall is in the air! And you know what that means...apple picking time! If you grew up in Toronto or anywhere in the surrounding area, you know apple farm = Chudleigh's FarmIllustrator Katy Dockrill experienced this extraordinary farm as a child and recently had a very good reason to return.

For over a year, Katy has been working on a very special project, collaborating with Lindan Courtemanche, principal and creative producer at Heuristic Branding, on a fresh re-brand of Chudleigh's.  Simple, playful with a sense of humor, the Chudleigh's message could very well be the best way to describe Katy's work.  The simplest of drawings come to life with her fresh, cheerful and playful brush and ink work. 

After all the hard work, Katy Dockrill's illustrations are now in place and ready to be enjoyed by the next generation of visitors.  We couldn't post it all here so you just have to go check it out for yourself! 

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Greg Stevenson illustrates for New Jersey Monthly

Illustrator Greg Stevenson recently had the good fortune to work with art director Laura Baer of New Jersey Monthly Magazine. Six contributing authors give you the inside scoop on 16 hot (yet still affordable) towns in the state. 

Greg's use of loose lines and bright blocks of color has a contemporary feel while giving you a painterly impression of each town. The lettering was carefully crafted and balances the composition beautifully. We'd move to any one of these places in a heartbeat!

Phil illustrates Me and You and the Red Canoe

We couldn't wait to share this recent project! Renowned i2i Art illustrator Phil recently collaborated with Groundwood Books art director Michael Solomon and award-winning author Jean E. Pendziwol on a children's book that has been quick to win critical acclaim for both words and pictures.  Phil's acrylic on wood artwork is just that, art.  Rustic and vintage in style, the imagery was a perfect match for Jean's poetic writing.

A rare children's book that can be appreciated by both parent and child. The story centers around a pair of siblings who slip out of their tent, early in the morning to catch their breakfast and experience the Canadian wilderness. Meant to be read out loud, the words and pictures will transport you and all your senses to Northern Ontario to share in its beauty and the beauty of a sibling relationship before it is complicated by adulthood.  

A big thank you to Groundwood Books, Michael Soloman and Jean E. Pendziwol.

Order your very own copy at Groundwood Books. You won’t regret it! Enter i2i for a special discount.

Preliminary layout

Preliminary layout

Phil's outdoor studio

Phil's outdoor studio

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Carl Wiens Illustrates for Watershed Magazine

Oh, to move to the country. We've all dreamed it before. Watershed Magazine art director, Meg Botha wittingly commissioned illustrator Carl Wiens (who himself commutes from Belleville to Oakville) to cleverly and colorfully depict what just might be in store for you. Carl's artwork combined with the writing of author Orland French perfectly paints a picture of what could be, and what is. Could you handle a three or more hour daily commute? 

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Katy Dockrill illustrates for Middlebury Magazine

Illustrator Katy Dockrill's first-time collaboration with art director Carey Bass at Middlebury Magazine has resulted in a delightfully whimsical and lighthearted piece. Accompanying the article "Parting Words", Katy's conceptual map describes the lazy days between finals and commencement for Middlebury's summer issue.

Katy's breezy line work and summer palette perfectly depicts that time in a young person's life. Each interaction highlights one small, unique aspect of the Middlebury College experience. The moments that you didn't realize would be missed until they are suddenly coming to a close (i.e. spontaneous spirited conversations, the residence experience).  Katy captures that feeling of nostalgia for something that is still in our midst knowing that it is just with us for a little while longer.

Middlebury Magazine, Summer Issue

Middlebury Magazine, Summer Issue

Middlebury campus, original artwork by Katy Dockrill

Middlebury campus, original artwork by Katy Dockrill

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Carl Wiens illustrates for Belgian Moon

Are you The Ritualist? The Catchphaser? The Last Caller? With a cold Belgian Moon in our hand it's hard not to let your 'happy hour' personality shine through. Available at some great events around town this summer, illustrator Carl Wiens teamed up with Central Station and Belgian Moon to create a fun collection of tarot-inspired cards that speak to the beer-drinking personas in each of us. 

Using a style reminiscent of original scratchboard cards, Carl worked digitally to illustrate each brilliantly crafted character. We all know who the Teller of Tales is in the group, am I right?  

Belgian Moon's Tarot Cards. Collect them all this summer.

Belgian Moon's Tarot Cards. Collect them all this summer.

The Curious Character.

The Curious Character.

The Catchphraser.

The Catchphraser.

The Exaggerist. 

The Exaggerist. 

The Connoisseur.

The Connoisseur.

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Clare Owen illustrates for The Knot

Wedding season is in full swing and illustrator Clare Owen recently teamed up with The Knot to share the latest wedding trends and tips. Clare's delicate lettering, beautifully textured florals and fun spot illustrations are found throughout this feature and capture all that is pretty and unique about this big event. 

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Eric Chow for Mount Royal University Summit Magazine

Summit magazine's summer issue is all about the modus operandi at Mount Royal University. With a state-of-the-art campus that aligns with it's future-forward curriculum Mount Royal decided to get the word out about 'why they do what they do, and how," with the help of illustrator Eric Chow

Eric's surreal conceptualism brands the entire issue and takes us on a journey into the inner workings of this great school. We see the theme of connected community, discovery and human intellect throughout Eric's illustration - building worlds that sit on a circuit board and within our own brain. 

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Jillian Ditner illustrates Oxford University Press Climate Textbook

Below is just a small sample of the dozens of scientific illustrations Jillian Ditner recently completed for Oxford University Press' textbook Weather and Climate: An Introduction. Working alongside assistant managing editor Peter Chambers, Jillian was asked to create a wide spectrum of illustrations, from technical charts to intricate environments. Comfortable illustrating in both traditional and digital mediums, Jillian chose to work digitally for this project.  As explained by Jillian, "the diagrams' subject matter were complex but also needed to be portrayed in a clear and uncomplicated way." 

For Jillian, one of the most interesting challenges in this project (and it holds true for most technical projects) is the need to decipher dense, scientific text and translate it into a visual aid that can be easily understand. The illustrations become an essential part of the learning process. 

Katy Dockrill illustrates for Victoria Symphony

The Victoria Symphony 2017/18 season has begun and illustrator Katy Dockrill has mirrored the excitement with a dynamic and contemporary feel for their signature brochure. With art direction from Lara Minja at Lime Design, Katy worked with a sophisticated, limited palette and beautiful bold lines to create some timeless musical metaphors. With broad brushstrokes and a lot of playfulness Katy's illustrations capture life on the island and how music permeates through it all.

In each illustration you can find a subtle and brilliant connection to music. This little girl dreams of being maestro one day. Whatever she touches turns to music.

In each illustration you can find a subtle and brilliant connection to music. This little girl dreams of being maestro one day. Whatever she touches turns to music.

See more of Katy Dockrill's illustration. Represented by i2i Art Inc. 

Clare Owen illustrates for eos

eos is celebrating spring with a new limited edition package illustrated by Clare Owen. With bountiful bouquets and adorable pets this quintessential marketplace comes to life. Clare's beautifully balanced colors, attention to detail and precious characters make this packaging one you want to linger with and soak it all in...then on to the delightful hand lotions inside!  

Art direction for this incredible packaging by Juniper Park\TBWA

We invite you to view more of Clare Owen's illustration. Represented by i2i Art Inc.

Tim Zeltner, That's Who!

We just got our copy of illustrator Tim Zeltner's newest picture book, John Deere, That's Who! and we are blown away! The recent Kirkus review said it best, "the illustrations are gorgeous."

Written by Tracy Nelson Maurer and published by Macmillan, this is the story of John Deere, the farmer, "long before tractors and other newfangled contraptions". Tim Zeltner's spectacular landscapes, filled with folk and whimsy, are the backdrop to this remarkable story of ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit. A story for John Deere enthusiasts, young and old. 

John Deere, That's Who!

Tim Zeltner is an award-winning artist and the illustrator of Power Down, Little Robot by Anna Staniszewski and Little Boo by Stephen Wunderli. See more of Tim's work. Represented by i2i Art Inc. 

Mark Hoffmann illustrates for New Jersey Monthly

Mark Hoffmann's mouth-watering illustrations for the Best Bars issue of New Jersey Monthly were a big hit with the happy hour crowd. Tasked with highlighting the different areas of this great garden state Mark Hoffmann, with art direction by Laura Baer, envisioned signature drinks and turnpike signage.  

At the end of the night there is no better place to be than the iconic McGovern's Bar.

At the end of the night there is no better place to be than the iconic McGovern's Bar.

Mark Hoffmann illustrates You Can Read

With shear delight we announce illustrator Mark Hoffmann's first children's book - You Can Read. Written by Helaine Becker and published by Orca Books, You Can Read takes kids on an exciting (and often very funny) adventure to literacy.  Mark's unique, naive, folksy style is the perfect match to Helaine's playful prose. The main characters are full of expression and wonder as they discover all their possibilities; as it turns out you can read everywhere! 

We think you will agree: Books are awesome. And so are the people who read them. 

Mark Hoffmann is represented by i2i Art Inc. See more of Mark's smile-inducing illustration. 

Clare Owen illustrates for Vintages magazine

Illustrator Clare Owen takes us on a luxurious tour through vineyards and quaint towns on our quest to become a wine geek. Working with art director Eugene Chan, Clare sets the perfect scene as Vintages Magazine walks us through what every connoisseur knows in three easy steps. 

Contemporary and romantic, Clare Owen's illustration brings a delightful richness to the article, not unlike the wines that inspire it.

Clare Owen is represented by i2i Art Inc. See more of Clare's fabulous illustration. 

Janice Kun illustrates for Macalester Today

In the heart of St. Paul, Minnesota the students at Macalester College like to embrace winter in all it's frigid, snowy splendor.  This hardy community has begun to welcome more and more warm weather international students and introducing them to the myriad of winter activities on and around campus. This was the focus of Macalester Today magazine's article, 'Warming Up to Winter'.

Art director Brian Donahue of Be Design picked illustrator Janice Kun to showcase how to enjoy these frosty conditions. With a combination of photography, hand drawn elements and watercolor Janice collages the highlights - skiing, ice skating, snowshoeing - and of course, what to wear. Janice's work, always rich with imagery and layers, is brought together to reveal a perfect winterscape. 

Jillian Ditner illustrates for 2U and George Washington University

Flu season is in full swing and our client 2U has partnered with George Washington University to deliver some much needed information on why antibiotics don't work on viruses. Scientific illustrator Jillian Ditner used a watercolor backdrop to create an editorial feel with these otherwise technical illustrations. The combination keeps us engaged visually while we learn more. 

Eric Chow illustrates for Canadian Business

Canadian Business magazine recently published it's Investor's Guide 2017. With a wonderful mix of metaphors Eric Chow's illustration accompanies some great advice on investment strategies and picking the right stocks and brokerage firm. 

We love the perspective and bold color palette in these highly conceptual illustrations - a signature of Eric's work. 

Investment Strategy Illustration by Eric Chow
Great Picks Illustrated by Eric Chow
2016 ETF All-Stars

2016 ETF All-Stars

Finding the right brokerage firm

Finding the right brokerage firm

See more of Eric Chow's illustration. Represented by i2i Art Inc.