Carl Wiens illustrates for Toronto Life

Illustrator Carl Wiens was the perfect fit for Toronto Life magazine art director Brian Anson Wong's vision of the 'Toronto of Tomorrow'. Using a stylized, diagrammatical approach, Carl Wiens is able to transport us to a future of mile-high skyscrapers, underground dwellings and ecopod pads. Looking inside these fascinating structures we get a glimpse of what life in this bustling city could look like.

Of course, the future is also synonymous with automation. Carl's retro-looking robo-advisor is a clever juxtaposition to Toronto Life's prediction of jobs on the verge of obsolescence.

Carl Wiens offers great illustration for whatever the future might hold.

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Carl Wiens for Global Brief

"To Do or Not To Do" was the inspiration for this cover illustration by Carl Wiens for Global Brief magazine, art directed by Louis Fishauf of Fishauf Design. Carl's illustration perfectly captures the complexity and confusion in the discussion of action vs. inaction when it comes to international crises. 

In the same issue Carl was asked to create another powerful piece for the article, "Man and His Economic-Financial Crises." The lowly repairman about to ascend into this massive machine again punctuates the enormity of the issue outlined. 

In both pieces, intricate symbolism in the machinery and compasses, a signature of Carl's work, form bold, undeniable visual statements and tell the story in an instant.

See more of Carl Wiens' conceptual illustration. Represented by i2i Art Inc.