Carl Wiens illustrates for Toronto Life

Illustrator Carl Wiens was the perfect fit for Toronto Life magazine art director Brian Anson Wong's vision of the 'Toronto of Tomorrow'. Using a stylized, diagrammatical approach, Carl Wiens is able to transport us to a future of mile-high skyscrapers, underground dwellings and ecopod pads. Looking inside these fascinating structures we get a glimpse of what life in this bustling city could look like.

Of course, the future is also synonymous with automation. Carl's retro-looking robo-advisor is a clever juxtaposition to Toronto Life's prediction of jobs on the verge of obsolescence.

Carl Wiens offers great illustration for whatever the future might hold.

View more of Carl Wiens' inspired illustration. Represented by i2i Art Inc. 

Eric Chow for TroDent

There's a revolution in the fields of diagnostics and treatment that is changing the face of dentistry.  To depict new advances in the field would take an illustrator with a fertile imagination and strong conceptual skills.  Many thanks to John Hobbs, editor of TroDent (a USC School of Dentistry publication), for recognizing Eric Chow's talent and giving him the perfect creative brief to illustrate the cover story, What does the future hold for Dentistry?  Below are the enlightening results.  To see more of Eric Chow's illustration visit his portfolio here.

Cover Image:  What dentistry will look like in 25 years?


Eric Chow's visual depiction of DNA in dentistry.


Eric Chow's visual depiction of the future of IT in dentistry.
Eric Chow's visual depiction of the future treatment of cavities.


Eric Chow's visual depiction of gene therapy for the prevention of cavities.

EC171_Gene_Therapy_in_the_Prevention_of_Cavities_ 650