Janice Kun for USC Dornsife Magazine

Our genetic blueprint is still a very mysterious concept. For the article "Molecular You" in the most recent issue of USC Dornsife magazine, Janice Kun captures that mystery and intrigue in a series of beautifully atmospheric illustrations. Using a combination of line drawing, watercolor and photography Janice's imagery provides layers of subtle, yet powerful, detail. With incredible art direction by Daniel Knapp we are given the chance to ponder the impact of our DNA through Janice's work.  

See more of Janice Kun's illustration. Represented by i2i Art Inc

Carl Wiens for Global Brief

"To Do or Not To Do" was the inspiration for this cover illustration by Carl Wiens for Global Brief magazine, art directed by Louis Fishauf of Fishauf Design. Carl's illustration perfectly captures the complexity and confusion in the discussion of action vs. inaction when it comes to international crises. 

In the same issue Carl was asked to create another powerful piece for the article, "Man and His Economic-Financial Crises." The lowly repairman about to ascend into this massive machine again punctuates the enormity of the issue outlined. 

In both pieces, intricate symbolism in the machinery and compasses, a signature of Carl's work, form bold, undeniable visual statements and tell the story in an instant.

See more of Carl Wiens' conceptual illustration. Represented by i2i Art Inc. 


Greg Stevenson for Avenue Magazine

Greg Stevenson recently showcased his vector-based line drawing in a feature for Avenue Magazine, art directed by Venessa Brewer. The article on Calgary's growing communities gave Greg the opportunity to capture family fun along with city and streetscapes. Greg's continuous line art, intermingled with photography captures the expression and movement of Calgary perfectly. 

Janice Kun for Reader's Digest

Janice Kun's latest illustrations for Reader's Digest were a big hit and so we asked Janice to tell us, in her own words, why this assignment was so successful.

"It was a pleasure working again with Annelise Dekker, Art Director for Reader's Digest. As always, she provided clear and detailed direction, and her keen sense for pulling out the perfect combination of my mixed media skills really helped me stretch in this particular project.

For these illustrations, I was asked to take a simple approach, but with a boost in color, and a lighter tone. It was a bit challenging at first to work this way– blending simple line drawings with more fleshed-out painted elements, thrown into colorful planes– as it was counter-intuitive to my usual complex digital layering and subtle palette. In the end, this project really opened my eyes to a new way of adding clean lines, bold colors and a refreshing sense of minimalism to my work."

The article "An Uncomplicated Love", written by Elizabeth Abbott tells the story of our bond with dogs.

An Uncomplicated Love, Joey the Bulldog

An Uncomplicated Love, Joey the Bulldog

Therapy Dog

Therapy Dog

Man's Best Friend

Man's Best Friend

Janice Kun has been busy creating. Check out Janice's updated portfolio.

Gary Alphonso for TroDent Magazine

In this summer’s issue TroDent magazine tells the stories of some of their military alumni in the featured “The Military Dentists.” Art director John Hobbs wanted a cover illustration that really captured these special individuals sense of duty and pride. Gary Alphonso used a very classic retro style of illustration to create a powerful cover that evokes our patriotism and reverence for the individuals that serve in our armed forces.