Tracy Walker's Unplugged Studio

Tracy Walker "unplugs" in warm weather and retreats to her backyard studio for some painting, sketching and contemplation. The studio was built with reclaimed materials from Habitat for Humanity, the local junkyard and neighbours (and still looks more design magazine worthy than my house). With our world becoming so "plugged in" (the "electronic cottage" Alvin Toffler predicted in his book Third Wave), it's important to find the balance and return to the tactile and physical world from time to time. Luckily, the virtual workplace seems to be allowing more of us to find that work/life balance. With the lush, serene surroundings of Tracy's studio and garden, we can understand from where Tracy gets her inspiration.

The metal sculpture is from made from "reclaimed" materials as well - from an African Artist Co-op


Tracy's unplugged studio.