Tracy Walker: Wall Decor

Tracy Walker's gorgeous art is now available wholesale through McGaw Graphics, so keep your eyes open for prints from an extensive collection of her work that could be popping up in Museum stores (eg. MoMA, The Met Store), Barnes & Noble, CB2, Urban Outfitters, ZGallerie and more.

Birds in the Garden 1


Birds in the Garden 2


To see more  of Tracy's art featured in the McGaw Graphics' catalogue go here.


Tracy Walker for Scintelligence

Working with Gayle Akler of Sparkplug Marketing and Communications, Tracy Walker created elements to showcase the Life Sciences start up, Scintelligence, whose purpose is to "work directly with industry, academia and other key stakeholders to bring prospective partners together..."  The concept was all about growth and digging deeper and Tracy's organic and shapes and scientific iconography work perfectly to convey the message visually.  The elaborate promotional package housed an actual shovel (with a sprinkling of dirt no less!)--to drive home the message which was further conveyed in the accompanying brochure. Scintelligence Credentials illustration ©Tracy Walker/i2i art

Scintelligence illustration ©Tracy Walker/i2iart

©Tracy Walker_scintelligence_ blog



Print and Pattern features Tracy Walker!

  With SURTEX about a week away, we are delighted to share the post Print and Pattern (ultra popular surface design blog) featured on Tracy Walker.  If you would like to meet Tracy and see more of her work please visit us at booth #340 at the Javits Center in NYC from May 19-21.  We'd love to show you more of her work in person!




Tracy Walker for Kooshoo

  Tracy Walker worked with Working Format's Grace Partridge in creating the art for KOOSHOO's sustainably designed packaging.  Vancouver based KOOSHOO recently launched their line of environmentally responsible yoga accessories and wanted to feature Tracy's natural elements along with diagrammatic illustrations to demonstrate the product's use on the packaging.  The result, simply elegant packaging.  Popular design blog The Dieline recently featured this beautiful new packaging.



Package design, branding, art direction & photography: Working Format.

Tracy Walker for Middlebury Magazine

  Tracy Walker created this map for Middlebury Magazine, working with design director Pamela Fogg.  Looking for a non traditional approach to map making  Pam wanted Tracy's flare for taking complicated imagery and making it harmonious and simply beautiful.  In the map below, Tracy depicted all of Middlebury College's ski facilities in a double page spread for the Winter 2013 Issue. Tracy was in her element creating this piece; as she says, "It's not often enough that I have the opportunity to create maps, luv 'em...more maps please!"

MiddleburyMap ©Tracy Walker_i2iart

Tracy Walker: Holiday Sale in Uxbridge

  If you're looking to pick up something really special for that naughty or nice someone on your list, why not take a drive to the country and shop at your leisure in the lovely little town of Uxbridge, where you'll find treasures that you won't find anywhere else!

Tracy Walker will be selling her prints and textile goodies at the Handmade sale in Uxbridge, running from Saturday December 15th - Monday the 24th.  Don't miss the opening event this Saturday Dec 15th 2-5pm at Blue Heron Studio.


We share with you the delightful poster Tracy designed and illustrated for the show...


Tracy Walker: Holiday Sale at NOOK!

  Don't miss the annual Holiday Sale at Nook in Kensington Market, Toronto, this weekend--Saturday Dec 8th 1-8pm, and Sunday Dec 9th, 12-6pm.  Tracy Walker and a handful of other top Toronto illustrators will sell their original art and crafts at NOOK in Kensington Market.  Last year I did most of my Christmas shopping there and family and friends were delighted with their 'one-ish-of-a-kind' gifts!  Tracy will have some lovely new tea towels, greeting cards, buttons, prints and shadowboxes for sale (for a sneak peep see samples below).

Prints of this stunning new image will be available.

These are two of Tracy's latest surface designs--featured on beautiful linen tea towels.


Tracy Walker: Marketing's Top 20 Marketers + Media Players

  Marketing Magazine releases it's top 20 list of Marketers & Media Players who lit up 2012!

Featuring Tracy's sketch on the cover was used as a 'teaser' of sorts.  The finished art inside, the 'big reveal', announcing the winners.  When asked about her compositional challenge, in representing all 20 companies in one image, Tracy said:  "Who could resist the adorable Target pup as the star of the piece?"  Check out her updated portfolio here.

Tracy Walker for Smithsonian Magazine

Art directed by Maria Keehan for Smithsonian Magazine, Tracy Walker re-created a section of the Sistine Chapel with a contemporary twist for the article Hard-Wired for Art.  In the words of writer, Abigail Tucker: "It's about how the brain processes art. In particular how scientists studied the neural response to Michelangelo's illustration of Adam's expulsion from Eden, featured on the chapel's ceiling."


Tracy Walker's Unplugged Studio

Tracy Walker "unplugs" in warm weather and retreats to her backyard studio for some painting, sketching and contemplation. The studio was built with reclaimed materials from Habitat for Humanity, the local junkyard and neighbours (and still looks more design magazine worthy than my house). With our world becoming so "plugged in" (the "electronic cottage" Alvin Toffler predicted in his book Third Wave), it's important to find the balance and return to the tactile and physical world from time to time. Luckily, the virtual workplace seems to be allowing more of us to find that work/life balance. With the lush, serene surroundings of Tracy's studio and garden, we can understand from where Tracy gets her inspiration.

The metal sculpture is from made from "reclaimed" materials as well - from an African Artist Co-op


Tracy's unplugged studio.