Eric Chow for Remodeling Magazine

With ever-changing rules and regulations, remodeling you home or office is no picnic. Remodeling Magazine tackled this topic in the feature article "Watch Your Step" for their March 2015 issue.  

The design team at Hanley Wood knew a conceptual solution would be best to illustrate the fine line contractors walk between safety and regulations. Illustrator Eric Chow worked closely with them to come up with this clever tightrope analogy.

Eric Chow Remodeling Magazine Cover

Eric chose to put a menacing face to the dangers of lead paint removal for the inside story.

Eric Chow Lead Paint Remodeling Magazine


Looking for a new way to tell your next story?  Visit Eric Chow's complete portfolio at i2i Art.

Eric Chow for TroDent

There's a revolution in the fields of diagnostics and treatment that is changing the face of dentistry.  To depict new advances in the field would take an illustrator with a fertile imagination and strong conceptual skills.  Many thanks to John Hobbs, editor of TroDent (a USC School of Dentistry publication), for recognizing Eric Chow's talent and giving him the perfect creative brief to illustrate the cover story, What does the future hold for Dentistry?  Below are the enlightening results.  To see more of Eric Chow's illustration visit his portfolio here.

Cover Image:  What dentistry will look like in 25 years?


Eric Chow's visual depiction of DNA in dentistry.


Eric Chow's visual depiction of the future of IT in dentistry.
Eric Chow's visual depiction of the future treatment of cavities.


Eric Chow's visual depiction of gene therapy for the prevention of cavities.

EC171_Gene_Therapy_in_the_Prevention_of_Cavities_ 650


Introducing Eric Chow, conceptual illustrator + powerful narrator

A UK-based illustrator from Hong Kong, Eric Chow started his illustration career soon after graduating from the London College of Communication in 2012. He produces his illustrations digitally using a powerful surrealist, often humorous style.  

When asked about his inspiration Eric Chow outlines his process, "my portfolio is based on the idea of recording life and thoughts."  Rather than creating just another good-looking picture, Eric makes his illustration speak.  The sign of a great conceptual illustrator and one of the many reasons i2i Art Inc. is proud to represent Eric Chow.


Eric won second runner-up for the prestigious Serco Prize 2014 with this piece, 'Lady Bridge".  The story behind this thoughtful illustration: Waterloo Bridge was reconstructed mostly by women during the wars in 1945, while men were doing national service thus the bridge's other name – The Lady Bridge."

©Eric Chow_EC139_i2iArt'Lady Bridge'

Eric's work has also been featured in Creative Boom, Shellsuit Zombie, Creative Review, Computer Art and Wired magazine.

©Eric Chow_EC123_i2iArt'Father and Son'
©Eric Chow_EC111_i2iArt'Brain Market'
©Eric Chow_EC143_i2iArt'Mutant'
©Eric Chow_EC119_i2iArt'Creative Review'

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