Katy Dockrill for SHE Magazine

Katy Dockrill contributed this illustration to SHE Magazine published by the Canadian Women's Foundation.  We think this illustration tells a remarkable story of strength and optimism with Katy's confident line and hand lettering over the brilliantly optimistic yellow background. When we asked Katy about her inspiration she said: "I felt it was important to illustrate this list of women's accomplishments:  Being a woman in 2014 is very different from being a woman 150 years ago and I have all the women before me to thank. I take all these hard won freedoms for granted because I grew up knowing no different. I think that's where we need to get to in order to check off the others on this list, keep voicing opinions and share the dialogue with our children."

To see more of Katy's hand lettering and illustration, check out her updated portfolio here.