Betsy Everitt for All You Magazine

Illustrator Betsy Everitt recently teamed up with art director Danielle Avraham at All You magazine to create a trio of bright and playful illustrations for the article “Leverage your Mommy Network”. The article, full of tips and tricks on how moms and dadss can support one another when the hectic school season arrives, provided Betsy with plenty of inspiration.

An eye catching full page feature along with carefully composed vignettes showcases Betsy Everitt’s signature style, her decorative flair and exquisite painterly technique.

How do you entertain your kids, save time and money?

How do you entertain your kids, save time and money?

The art of coordinating childcare

The art of coordinating childcare

Form a garden club!

Form a garden club!

See more of Betsy Everitt’s work. Represented by i2i Art Inc.

Katy Dockrill for SHE magazine

Illustrator Katy Dockrill had the opportunity to contribute again recently to SHE Magazine, published by the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

For this poignant piece on the struggles women still face Katy used the symbol of the quilters.  The visual is perfectly paired with a quote by Rosemary Brown, pioneer of 20th century Canadian politics, who devoted her life to the cause of justice and equality for women and minorities.

See more of Katy’s inspired illustration. Represented by i2i Art Inc.

Monika Melnychuk for Owl Magazine

It always pays to be prepared! Owl Magazine, art directed by Jill Monsod, has put together a pretty handy guide to the 'great outdoors' for their Summer issue. i2i Art illustrator Monika Melnychuk knew quite a bit about this topic already, spending much of her leisure time biking through the backwood trails in Whitehorse, Canada.  

And Monika's illustrations give a humorous twist on those all too important survival lessons. Have a quick read and smile along the way as Monika's characters show us a thing or two about those great outdoors.

Monika Melnychuk for Owl Magazine
Monika Melnychuk for Owl Magazine
Monika Melnychuk for Owl Magazine
Monika Melnychuk for Owl Magazine

See more of Monika's endearing characters and illustrations. Monika Melnychuk is represented by i2i Art Inc.

Mark Hoffmann for The Square Magazine

Mark Hoffmann, New Hampshire resident and illustrator, knows there is nothing better on a nice summer day than some fresh fish on the waterfront. Chip Allen, art director of The Square Magazine and Meganne Febrega, author of the article "Hit the Decks" knew Mark's folk art style would capture the scene perfectly.  

Hit the Decks by Mark Hoffmann

Hit the Decks by Mark Hoffmann

With Mark's distinctive lettering, whimsical imagery and sophisticated color palette used to highlight the premier eateries, you will want to book one more road trip this summer--I certainly did!

Local Restaurants illustrated by Mark Hoffmann
Local Restaurants illustrated by Mark Hoffmann

Clare Owen for Cooking Light's Summer Cookbook

Food is a favorite subject matter for Clare Owen so when given the opportunity to contribute her illustrative talents Cooking Light's Summer Cookbook Clare was thrilled.  

The "Farmer's Market" edition was art directed by Sheri Wilson and showcases three fabulous city markets every foodie should know: Portland's market at PSU, Chicago's Logan Square and Philadelphia's Headhouse market.

Clare's main illustration accompanies an article on "how to shop" and features all the elements you look for in a great farmer's market. Clare's rich color palette and use of texture brings the 'scene' to life. Her contemporary style shows just how hip shopping at the market can be.

Summer Farmers Market illustrated by Clare Owen

Summer Farmers Market illustrated by Clare Owen

What's happening in Chicago, Philly and Portland illustrated by Clare Owen

What's happening in Chicago, Philly and Portland illustrated by Clare Owen

Hungry for more? View Clare's complete portfolio. Clare Owen is represented by i2i Art Inc.

Mark Hoffmann for D Magazine

Will your kids be happy campers this summer? From Spanish immersion to paleontology camp, D Magazine handpicked some of the most exciting options in the Dallas, TX area. All that was needed was a terrific illustration to draw the reader in.  

Art director, Jamie Laubhan-Oliver, decided on Mark Hoffmann for the job. Mark let his imagination lead the way, resulting in this playful, folksy piece that is sure to put a smile on your face as you remember those long days of summer past.

Illustrator Mark Hoffmann - Happy CampersMark Hoffmann, Happy Campers Article in D MagazineBrowse Mark Hoffmann's portfolio on i2i Art.

Thom Sevalrud for The Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association

Thom Sevalrud had the pleasure of illustrating yet another cover for The Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association this past month. Art director Lotte Gronneberg chose the prefect topic for Thom's style.  

Thom's piece depicts how technology will change the role of patient care in the years to come. As Thom often does, he gives us the sense of the enormity of these decisions and how very personal they can be.Thom Sevalrud, Patient Technology


'Patient Technology' by Thom Sevalrud

Thom Sevalrud, JNMA Cover

Cover of The Journal of Norwegian Medical Association

See more conceptual illustration by Thom Sevalrud.  Thom Sevalrud is represented by i2i Art Inc.

Dave Murray for National Magazine

When tech collides with the standard way of doing things. Illustrator Dave Murray is often asked to visually interpret this concept. Most recently, art director Tony Delitala of Delitala Design, assigned Dave to illustrate two high tech articles for the Canadian Bar Association's National Magazine.  

Dave's strong use of symbolism, conceptual intelligence and graphical style invites the reader to dive into these stories.

Technology can help make justice more accessible

Dave Murray for the National Magazine

Heavy workload? There’s an app for that.

©Dave Murray_DM205_i2iArt

Check out more of Dave's work. Represented by i2i Art Inc.

Eric Chow for Remodeling Magazine

With ever-changing rules and regulations, remodeling you home or office is no picnic. Remodeling Magazine tackled this topic in the feature article "Watch Your Step" for their March 2015 issue.  

The design team at Hanley Wood knew a conceptual solution would be best to illustrate the fine line contractors walk between safety and regulations. Illustrator Eric Chow worked closely with them to come up with this clever tightrope analogy.

Eric Chow Remodeling Magazine Cover

Eric chose to put a menacing face to the dangers of lead paint removal for the inside story.

Eric Chow Lead Paint Remodeling Magazine


Looking for a new way to tell your next story?  Visit Eric Chow's complete portfolio at i2i Art.

Monika Melnychuk for Wine & Spirits Magazine

The Wine & Spirits 26th Annual Restaurant Poll is out this month with their famed list of the top 50 wines Americans love most. This year's cover showcases the elite bunch of sommeliers that help make these decisions.  The sophisticated playfulness of Monika Melnychuk's illustration style couldn't have been a better choice to capture the group's likeness.  

Armed with all the pics art director Michael Rush could get his hands on, Monika meticulously drew each somm's portrait, happily revealing a little (or a lot) of each personality and style.

Cover Wine & Spirits Featuring Monika Melnychuk Illustration
Cover Wine & Spirits Featuring Monika Melnychuk Illustration
Wine & Spirits Cover Featuring Monika Melnychuk
Wine & Spirits Cover Featuring Monika Melnychuk

Dave Murray for Reader's Digest, "Birders Unite!"

Hipsters: known for ransacking vintage stores, perfecting their beards and gentrifying neighborhoods with their artisanal food stores. It seemed likely they should revitalize some old school hobbies while they are at it. Like bird watching.  

This month's Reader's Digest article, "Birders Unite!" written by Julia Zarankin, dives into the phenomena of the bird watching millennials.  Needing to combine the tattooed with the wilderness, art director Annelise Dekker picked the perfect artist in Dave Murray.


Caution: These are not your grandfather's illustrations:


Dave Murray illustration Birders Unite for Readers Digest


Dave Murray Illustration Birders Unite ©Dave Murray_DM195b_i2iArt

Uniquely stylized, award-winning illustration.  We invite your to check out more of Dave Murray's illustration.


Rémy Simard for apple Magazine

It's never easy to explain a complex theory, never mind making it an enjoyable experience.  When Editor Terry Bullick at apple magazine was tasked with a story about brain development she turned to illustrator Rémy Simard to help her communicate this intricate topic to her readers.  

Rémy's fun, lighthearted, comic book style was the perfect way to break this story down into easy to understand concepts. A quick 5 minute read and you too will be an expert on brain development.



Impression Impression Impression

Visit Rémy Simard's portfolio for more examples of his unique illustration.

Introducing new i2i Art illustrator: Anna Godeassi

Anna Godeassi attended the School of Design in Milan, before launching her freelance illustration career. She has contributed her illustration to Vanity Fair, Elle Decor, Conde Nast Traveler and Rolling Stone Magazine as well as numerous advertising campaigns.  

Anna is full of brilliant ideas and enthusiasm.  She often delicately integrates photographic elements into her mixed media conceptual illustrations, adding another layer of interest to her evocative images.  Now without further ado --- we share a sampling of her work with you.

Portrait of Roberto Bolle
©Anna Godeassi_AG118_i2iArt
Love Tree

©Anna Godeassi_AG130_i2iArt

Why Men Disappear
©Anna Godeassi_AG128-a_i2iArt

©Anna Godeassi_AG135_i2iArt

Facebook Privacy

©Anna Godeassi_AG126_i2iArt

Check out Anna Godeassi's portfolio.

Aside from editorial and advertising work, Anna is an accomplished children's book illustrator.  Contact us at for a pdf portfolio of her children's book samples.



Dave Murray for Canadian Grocer

The always enthusiastic Dave Murray jumped at the chance to work with art director Lindsay Maclachlan again on a feature article for Canadian Grocer. Dave often illustrates technological innovations so the brave new world of in-store technology at our local grocer was a perfect match for Dave's style.

The Future of the Grocery Store

Dave Murray Illustration for Canadian Grocer
Dave Murray Illustration for Canadian Grocer

smartphones and tablets could dominate our grocery shopping experience

Dave Murray spot illustrations Canadian Grocer
Dave Murray spot illustrations Canadian Grocer

Jillian Ditner for D Weddings Magazine

  The He Said, She Said column in D Weddings magazine offered a lot of inspiration for Jillian Ditner's illustrations.  It's sage advice for all those walking down the aisle any time soon.


From the groom's, "stock the bar well, but not too well" and "no one cares that you're cutting the cake" to the bride's, "learn how to be gracious" and "DIY - within reason" Jillian captured it all with these playful and poignant images.

She Said: "For real though, get started."

Jillian Ditner She Said Illustration

He Said:  "Pick music you actually listen to."

Jillian Ditner He Said IllustrationHead over to Jillian Ditner's portfolio to see more of her work.



Mark Hoffmann for D Home Magazine

Ever found your kid hanging from a candelabra or climbing a giant holiday decoration?  In his best playful style, Mark Hoffmann illustrated the story Babes in Toyland:  Activities that will make your kids' holiday season more merryfor art director Jamie Laubhan-Oliver, at D Home Magazine. If you like this image, there are a lot more fun Mark Hoffmann illustrations here.

©Mark Hoffmann_MH447_i2iArt
©Mark Hoffmann_MH447_i2iArt