Anna Godeassi for St. Anthony Messenger

Art director Jeanne Kortekamp at Franciscan Media immediately saw something in Anna Godeassi's illustration and offered the perfect assignment for her conceptual, spiritual style.  

The article, "Wounded Healer" was published in the May issue of St. Anthony Messenger. When the author, Richard Patterson, wrote to Anna and thanked her for her contribution we knew she had captured the true meaning of his words.


wounded healer godeassi art50

See more of Anna's thoughtful and illuminating illustration.

Anna Godeassi is represented by i2i Art Inc.

Eric Chow for Remodeling Magazine

With ever-changing rules and regulations, remodeling you home or office is no picnic. Remodeling Magazine tackled this topic in the feature article "Watch Your Step" for their March 2015 issue.  

The design team at Hanley Wood knew a conceptual solution would be best to illustrate the fine line contractors walk between safety and regulations. Illustrator Eric Chow worked closely with them to come up with this clever tightrope analogy.

Eric Chow Remodeling Magazine Cover

Eric chose to put a menacing face to the dangers of lead paint removal for the inside story.

Eric Chow Lead Paint Remodeling Magazine


Looking for a new way to tell your next story?  Visit Eric Chow's complete portfolio at i2i Art.

Tim Zeltner for Henry Holt's Power Down Little Robot

  Power Down Little Robot, is a very special children's picture book lovingly illustrated by Tim Zeltner and written by Anna Staniszewski.  When it's time to power down for the night, Little Robot is not ready and he quickly opens his stalling program.  From there, the story is very familiar to avoidance experts everywhere (mombots and dadbots), and told with one fun twist after another.  In the end Mom Unit knows how to get him tucked in to his module as he finally powers down.


Sally Doherty, Executive Editor for Henry Holt Books for Young Readers, fell in love with Tim Zeltner's art.  Power Down, Little Robot is the second picture book she has commissioned him to illustrate.  Upon receiving Tim's final art for the book Sally's reaction was, "Wow!  You've done it again--you've really knocked us out with your extraordinary vision for this story.  I just love everything about what you've done:  the colors, the style, the expressions.  Fantastic!"  Well deserved praise for Tim Zeltner's beautiful hand painted illustrations on wood.


"Now hurry and clean your cogs.", says Mom Unit.  The Little Robot says to himself, "I try to brush them at half my normal rate, but nothing gets past Mom Unit's sharp eye."
©Tim Zeltner_TZ447_i2iArt
"But I'm not tired!  Look.  My power level is still at yellow."

©Tim Zeltner_TZ464_i2iArt

"But I need to tell you a secret!...Did you know that a hummingbot flaps its wings a million times a second?"

©Tim Zeltner_TZ446_i2iArt

"The sleep module is soft and warm.  Maybe I could close my eyes for a millisecond..."
©Tim Zeltner_TZ457_i2iArt
"Dream sequence initiated."

©Tim Zeltner_TZ459_i2iArt

Check out Tim Zeltner's entire portfolio.

Gary Alphonso: Creates Facebook and Twitter Banners

Recently, Gary Alphonso was asked by The Design Office of Ann Marie Ternullo to create this art for Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative Association’s Facebook and Twitter pages.  The art was originally created for the co-op's annual report.  Ann Marie’s idea was to have the art modified by Gary, to create digital banners for their social media marketing–a very effective use of the art.  Elements within the art were moved around to accommodate the Facebook and Twitter logos while maximizing the impact of the image area.  Aside from offering a custom solution for their social media marketing it also took advantage of the branding established by the annual report, creating a nice continuity across platforms.  

As a master with Adobe Illustrator, Gary Alphonso creates everything from futuristic high tech art to vintage woodcut illustration--but it's always his dynamic compositions that carry his trademark style into any application so perfectly.

This is the original illustration Gary created for the Annual Report that was modified for use as in social media banners.

©Gary Alphonso_GA622_i2iArt

Check out Gary Alphonso's entire portfolio.



Mystery Book Covers: Clare Owen for Harlequin

Clare Owen has now created three gorgeous covers with art director Sean Kapitain at Harlequin.  The front cover for Hunting Sweetie Rose and Honestly Dearest, You're Dead are featured below.  Stay tuned to see the third in the series--to be released in March 2015.  Clare's illustrations are so inviting but be careful, with these mystery covers, the devil is in the details.

©Clare Owen_CO183-a_i2iArt
©Clare Owen_CO183-a_i2iArt
I just love the details like the wind blowing the curtain and the steam rising on the coffee. They seem to bring the story to life.

Monika Melnychuck adds to the Naked Flock

Monika Melnychuk has designed and illustrated a delightful fourth sku for the growing Naked Flock brand.  The premium cider maker Jonathan Hull (aka Apple Dave) says, "Our Cider is for people who crave unique flavor and are on the hunt for quality." For the interesting story behind the brewers of the Naked Flock Brand, check out this post from the Great Brewers blogRead reviews about the new Citra Premium Hard Cider here.  And for those of you who missed our story on the first three skus of Naked Flock cider, check it out here.

Monika_Melnychuk_Naked_Flock_CitraTo see much more of Monika's illustration check out her portfolio here.



Gary Alphonso for Canada Post: Unveiling New Community Mailboxes

In response to the shrinking demand for snail mail, Canada Post has begun to phase in an expansion of it's Community Mailboxes (CMB's) vs door-to-door delivery.  The process of developing the CMB's was carefully executed with a strategy that involved lots of consumer input through focus testing at various stages in the development.  Canada Post was looking for the perfect CMB to take it's customers into the 21st Century.  One of the key criteria for the new CMB's was to develop an art wrap that would hopefully work as an anti-graffiti barrier.  This is where the call for Gary Alphonso's illustration talents came in.  

Working with the team at Ove Brand | Design, headed up by creative director Peter Baker, Gary Alphonso was given an open creative brief as they embarked on an exploration of various abstract directions.  The art evolved into a beautiful ethereal design that incorporated the maple leaf (a ubiquitous Canadian symbol), floating as if being carried by a gentle wind.   The process was a real contest but in the end, we are proud to report that Gary Alphonso's floating leaf design was among the most popular in focus testing.

Gary Alphonso's illustration applied as a wrap to the mailboxes.
©Gary Alphonso_GA672_i2iArt
Here are some pics of the mailboxes in communities across the country.




View Gary Alphonso's entire portfolio here!

Rémy Simard honoured at the 37th Salon du livre de Montreal

i2i Art Inc. is proud to congratulate Rémy Simard, a guest of honour at the 37th Salon du livre de Montreal.  With over 80 titles to his name, Rémy both authors and illustrates children's books.  His humour is ever present.  

The book fair runs this Wednesday November 19th through Monday November 24th, if you're in Montreal don't miss this opportunity to pick up some perfect holiday gifts!

Rémy's latest book, Mes Dinky is published in the Pomelo Éditions by La Watermelon. This beautifully colorful book is perfect for anyone with a passion for cars--especially small ones.  Rémy has his own collection of 140!  In Rémy Simard's own words, "I can not remain indifferent to a car, it is beautiful or ugly."

This the cover of Mes Dinky


And here's a sneak peek of the delightful illustrations you'll find inside.


Rémy is probably best known for his popular series Boris, which he wrote and illustrated.


Introducing new i2i Art illustrator, Dave Murray

Meet Dave Murray. DM131_personal_dave










We wanted to share with you a recent conversation with Dave Murray to give you a little insight into the person behind the art.

i2i Art: Why illustration?

Dave Murray:  Well, I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, and it's something I've always enjoyed. I started with drawing my favorite characters from comic books, and went from there. My illustration career formally began at Sheridan College, I guess - I always thought it was kind of a funny thing, to go to school for art, but it's what I loved to do - so giving myself the chance to make my living from it was really the only decision.

i2i Art:  What makes you tick?

Dave Murray:  Maybe it's a boring answer, but it's keeping my life pretty simple and finding pleasure in the small things. Making interesting work, walking my dog, spending time with my wife, and friends...that's pretty much it.

i2i Art: How do you come up with new ideas when presented with a brief? Tell us a bit about your process?

Dave Murray:  I find a lot of success when I break down ideas and concepts into words and definitions - I'm a bit of a crossword fanatic. At that level, I feel like there's a lot of freedom to play with meanings and definitions - and then translate that wordplay into visual metaphors. From there, small thumbnails and sketches in my sketchbook, larger sketches on the computer, and then a mishmash of stuff to create the final piece.

i2i Art: What other creative projects keep you going aside from illustration?

Dave Murray:  I like to keep myself busy. Aside from illustration, I have an ongoing text-based mapping project. It's mostly focused on Toronto, but I've been brought out to cities such as Stratford and Halifax to apply my work there. I'm also a co-founder of the Garrison Creek Bat Co., which is an artisanal baseball bat company based in Toronto. At GCBC, we focus on making each bat a piece of work in itself, and occasionally curate events where we invite other illustrators, artists, and craftspeople to customize our bats however they like.

i2i Art: How do these projects influence your illustration?

Dave Murray: My other creative projects allow me to take a step back from illustration, and put other creative aspects of my brain to work. It's like a breath of fresh air, which allows me to come back invigorated and often with new perspectives in regards to my illustration work.

i2i Art: What are the best parts of being a freelance illustrator?

Dave Murray:  Probably the whole thing. The fact that I'm doing something I love to make my living is incredible in itself, but it's the opportunities and experiences that I've had solely because of illustration that make it truly special.



Citizen Draper:  Crowd-Sourcing in Advertising


Green Hotels



Commission Dave Murray to contribute to your next campaign or feature!  Check out Dave Murray's entire portfolio here.

Mark Hoffmann for Land of Nod

These very cool images by Mark Hoffmann are now available in framed prints!  Land of Nod invites you to "Give your walls a tune up with this automotive wall art. Each print features a classic vehicle exclusively illustrated for us by artist Mark Hoffman and is framed in a distressed wood frame for a vintage feel." So whether it's a little kid (or big), who would love to have these unique limited edition prints, visit Land of Nod's online store here to purchase them.





Police Car




i2i Art Inc. is proud to represent Mark Hoffmann and we'd love you to see his entire portfolio here.




Phil: Wild Turkeys for Country Gardens

  The turkey is one of the most famous birds in North America.  In fact, did you know Benjamin Franklin wanted to make the wild turkey, not the Bald Eagle, the national bird of the United States?


Working with art director Nick Crow,  Phil created this beautifully evocative illustration--in his trademark wistful style, for an article in the Fall 2014 issue of Country Gardens magazine called Bird's-Eye Views.  Visit phil's entire portfolio of hand painted illustrations on wood here.


Rémy Simard for Animal Sheltering Magazine

  Art director Jamie Mitchell wanted to take the need for a diagrammatic illustration for the article "Do a good scan, Stan!" and have a little fun with it.

He chose Rémy Simard for his ability to do just this!  Jamie envisioned "...a very cute, funny dog in multiple positions/facial expressions, being scanned by a microchipwand."  Our favorite part of this illustration is in fact the dogs facial expressions.

Here is a peek into Rémy Simard's process.  Upon receiving Jamie's brief, Rémy began sketches for presentation.

Remy Simard Animal Sheltering Magazine Sketches
Remy Simard Animal Sheltering Magazine Sketches

...and after a bit of back and forth as Jamie and Rémy tweaked the sketches, here is the finished art

Remy Simard Animal Sheltering Magazine
Remy Simard Animal Sheltering Magazine

Happy Halloween!

Tim Zeltner has created this beautifully atmospheric illustration that transports one right into the scene in his trademark style.  The characters are both primitively whimsical and yet the story is so real!  This image always brings a smile to my face.

Here's hoping your Halloween is sufficiently scary + abundant with treats!

To see more of Tim's magical illustrations, check out his portfolio here!

Tim Zeltner HappyHalloween










Katy Dockrill for SHE Magazine

Katy Dockrill contributed this illustration to SHE Magazine published by the Canadian Women's Foundation.  We think this illustration tells a remarkable story of strength and optimism with Katy's confident line and hand lettering over the brilliantly optimistic yellow background. When we asked Katy about her inspiration she said: "I felt it was important to illustrate this list of women's accomplishments:  Being a woman in 2014 is very different from being a woman 150 years ago and I have all the women before me to thank. I take all these hard won freedoms for granted because I grew up knowing no different. I think that's where we need to get to in order to check off the others on this list, keep voicing opinions and share the dialogue with our children."

To see more of Katy's hand lettering and illustration, check out her updated portfolio here.


Introducing Eric Chow, conceptual illustrator + powerful narrator

A UK-based illustrator from Hong Kong, Eric Chow started his illustration career soon after graduating from the London College of Communication in 2012. He produces his illustrations digitally using a powerful surrealist, often humorous style.  

When asked about his inspiration Eric Chow outlines his process, "my portfolio is based on the idea of recording life and thoughts."  Rather than creating just another good-looking picture, Eric makes his illustration speak.  The sign of a great conceptual illustrator and one of the many reasons i2i Art Inc. is proud to represent Eric Chow.


Eric won second runner-up for the prestigious Serco Prize 2014 with this piece, 'Lady Bridge".  The story behind this thoughtful illustration: Waterloo Bridge was reconstructed mostly by women during the wars in 1945, while men were doing national service thus the bridge's other name – The Lady Bridge."

©Eric Chow_EC139_i2iArt'Lady Bridge'

Eric's work has also been featured in Creative Boom, Shellsuit Zombie, Creative Review, Computer Art and Wired magazine.

©Eric Chow_EC123_i2iArt'Father and Son'
©Eric Chow_EC111_i2iArt'Brain Market'
©Eric Chow_EC143_i2iArt'Mutant'
©Eric Chow_EC119_i2iArt'Creative Review'

View Eric Chow's entire portfolio at i2i Art Inc.

It's here! Tim Zeltner's "Little Boo" now in hardcover!

You won't want to miss this beautiful 32 page picture book written by Stephen Wunderli and illustrated by Tim Zeltner, (published by Henry Holt and Co)!  According to a review by the critically acclaimed KIRKUS: "Zeltner’s lush illustrations created with paint, glazes and stains on wood shine with gentle charm..."  Little Boo tells the story of a tiny pumpkin seed who really has a hankerin' to grow up and be the scariest Jack-O-Lantern on Halloween night!  He wants to be able to say "BOO!"  And really "Scare YOU!".  Also reviewed on YouTube by TTPM.  For more delightful illustrations from Tim Zeltner check out his portfolio here.

The perfect Halloween gift for a wee one in your life!  Order your very own copy.

©Tim Zeltner_TZ442_i2iArt

Here is a sample of the delightful spreads you'll find inside this 32 page picture book!




 And here's a glimpse of the original art painted on wood!

©Tim Zeltner_TZ419_i2iArt

©Tim Zeltner_tZ422_i2iArt

©Tim Zeltner_TZ432_i2iArt

Well done Tim Zeltner!


Digging Clare Owen, self-confessed cat lover and fabulous illustrator

Recently we shared some of Clare Owen's new work and the response was fantastic!  We didn't want anyone to miss out on her sublime illustrations. Check out Clare Owen's portfolio and get inspired to commission an illustration by this fabulous illustrator! Clare_Owen_Email_Image_for_Blog_100314