Mark Hoffmann for D Magazine

Will your kids be happy campers this summer? From Spanish immersion to paleontology camp, D Magazine handpicked some of the most exciting options in the Dallas, TX area. All that was needed was a terrific illustration to draw the reader in.  

Art director, Jamie Laubhan-Oliver, decided on Mark Hoffmann for the job. Mark let his imagination lead the way, resulting in this playful, folksy piece that is sure to put a smile on your face as you remember those long days of summer past.

Illustrator Mark Hoffmann - Happy CampersMark Hoffmann, Happy Campers Article in D MagazineBrowse Mark Hoffmann's portfolio on i2i Art.

Tim Zeltner for Henry Holt's Power Down Little Robot

  Power Down Little Robot, is a very special children's picture book lovingly illustrated by Tim Zeltner and written by Anna Staniszewski.  When it's time to power down for the night, Little Robot is not ready and he quickly opens his stalling program.  From there, the story is very familiar to avoidance experts everywhere (mombots and dadbots), and told with one fun twist after another.  In the end Mom Unit knows how to get him tucked in to his module as he finally powers down.


Sally Doherty, Executive Editor for Henry Holt Books for Young Readers, fell in love with Tim Zeltner's art.  Power Down, Little Robot is the second picture book she has commissioned him to illustrate.  Upon receiving Tim's final art for the book Sally's reaction was, "Wow!  You've done it again--you've really knocked us out with your extraordinary vision for this story.  I just love everything about what you've done:  the colors, the style, the expressions.  Fantastic!"  Well deserved praise for Tim Zeltner's beautiful hand painted illustrations on wood.


"Now hurry and clean your cogs.", says Mom Unit.  The Little Robot says to himself, "I try to brush them at half my normal rate, but nothing gets past Mom Unit's sharp eye."
©Tim Zeltner_TZ447_i2iArt
"But I'm not tired!  Look.  My power level is still at yellow."

©Tim Zeltner_TZ464_i2iArt

"But I need to tell you a secret!...Did you know that a hummingbot flaps its wings a million times a second?"

©Tim Zeltner_TZ446_i2iArt

"The sleep module is soft and warm.  Maybe I could close my eyes for a millisecond..."
©Tim Zeltner_TZ457_i2iArt
"Dream sequence initiated."

©Tim Zeltner_TZ459_i2iArt

Check out Tim Zeltner's entire portfolio.

Happy Halloween!

Tim Zeltner has created this beautifully atmospheric illustration that transports one right into the scene in his trademark style.  The characters are both primitively whimsical and yet the story is so real!  This image always brings a smile to my face.

Here's hoping your Halloween is sufficiently scary + abundant with treats!

To see more of Tim's magical illustrations, check out his portfolio here!

Tim Zeltner HappyHalloween










Print and Pattern features Katy Dockrill!

  SURTEX is only a few days away, and we are super excited to share the post Print and Pattern featured on Katy Dockrill.  If you would like to see more of her bright and beautiful work in person, please visit us at booth #340 at the Javits Center in NYC from May 19-21.


i2i art welcomes illustrator and surface designer Katy Dockrill

  i2i art is proud to welcome Katy Dockrill into our family of artists.  Her work is fresh and fun and full of irresistible personality!

Below is a small sample of her illustration and surface designs.  To see more please visit Katy's new i2i art portfolio here.


This image (above) called Friends, caught my eye when I first saw it screen printed on a tote bag!


Love the retro car in this illustration!


This is one of her lovely surface design patterns.  Can you just imagine it on children's bedding or curtains?

Rémy Simard's latest Graphic Novel: Horrendo's Curse

  Sneak peek:  Rémy Simard, working with editor, Alison Kooistra, has brought Anna Fienberg's words to life in Annick Press' latest Graphic Novel, Horrendo's Curse.  Horrendo and his young friends enter into the dangerous world of swashbuckling pirates, where they are captured and worked to the bone.  In the meantime, they are even busier as they conjure up their cunning escape plan!  We're sure you'd love to find out what happens next, but I'm afraid you're just going to have to wait until the fall of 2013 when Horrendo's Curse hits bookstores!  More to come...

Horrendo's Curse cover art ©Rémy simard/i2iart
Horrendo's Curse cover art ©Rémy simard/i2iart
'Horrendo's Curse' art ©Rémy simard/i2iart
'Horrendo's Curse' art ©Rémy simard/i2iart


Tracy Walker: Print's Hand Drawn Competition

  Tracy Walker's "In Pursuit of Little Red Riding Hood", a hand-cut paper piece, was selected as one of 30 winners in Print Magazine's Hand Drawn Competition for 2012.

The work was created as one of a series of fairy tales, cut into paper, and bound into salvaged books. The series was exhibited and all pieces were sold.

Deadline for entries for Print's HandDrawn 2013 competition has been extended to December 1/2012.

Playful Packaging by Sarah Beetson

Wild Strawberry Fairy                                   Sweet Apple Fairy

Juicy Watermelon Fairy                                 Black Cherry Fairy

These recent illustrations of Sarah Beetson's could be packaging for fruit drinks or equally fun in a Children's book. How about lip balm labels? My daughter's class would buy out the store to get their hands on these illustrations regardless of what they appeared on!