Thom Sevalrud for Maryland and Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative

For the Maryland and Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative Association, the theme is change and The Design Office of Ann Marie Ternullo called on Thom Sevalrud to help illustrate this conversation.

For the cooperative's 2015 annual report Thom's clean lines and stylized approach provided a future-forward look at the client's complex industry. The fresh green color palette invites the reader and the illustration is cleverly carried throughout. The report is also printed (what a treat!) in an impressive 10"x13" format creating a stunning impact.

We have a special place in our hearts for great design. The collaboration between Ann Marie Ternullo and Thom Sevalrud created a truly special artifact.

Gary Alphonso: Creates Facebook and Twitter Banners

Recently, Gary Alphonso was asked by The Design Office of Ann Marie Ternullo to create this art for Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative Association’s Facebook and Twitter pages.  The art was originally created for the co-op's annual report.  Ann Marie’s idea was to have the art modified by Gary, to create digital banners for their social media marketing–a very effective use of the art.  Elements within the art were moved around to accommodate the Facebook and Twitter logos while maximizing the impact of the image area.  Aside from offering a custom solution for their social media marketing it also took advantage of the branding established by the annual report, creating a nice continuity across platforms.  

As a master with Adobe Illustrator, Gary Alphonso creates everything from futuristic high tech art to vintage woodcut illustration--but it's always his dynamic compositions that carry his trademark style into any application so perfectly.

This is the original illustration Gary created for the Annual Report that was modified for use as in social media banners.

©Gary Alphonso_GA622_i2iArt

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