Gary Alphonso Mystery Book Covers for Harlequin

Gary Alphonso began his career as a scratchboard illustrator in the 1980s. That is where Gary learned the precision of line and shadow evident in his work today.  As Gary evolved his technique, he began creating 'scratchboard' art in Adobe Illustrator, in both black and white and full color. 

These cover illustrations for Harlequin's Worldwide Mystery Series featuring Vicki Delany's Constable Molly Smith showcases Gary's ability to create drama through perspective and lighting in a retro poster art style. His technique, perfected over many years, creates a stunning outcome.

The latest in the series, Negative Image will be in stores March 2016. 

Gary Alphonso for TroDent Magazine

In this summer’s issue TroDent magazine tells the stories of some of their military alumni in the featured “The Military Dentists.” Art director John Hobbs wanted a cover illustration that really captured these special individuals sense of duty and pride. Gary Alphonso used a very classic retro style of illustration to create a powerful cover that evokes our patriotism and reverence for the individuals that serve in our armed forces.

Gary Alphonso for Ensign Magazine

Scott Knudsen, art director for Ensign Magazine, came to Gary Alphonso with a story of faith and sacrifice. Looking at the opening paragraph, the metaphor that inspired these beautiful pieces was clear -- "A ship is safe in the harbor, but that's not what ships are for."  

The article, "Faith to leave the harbor" showcases Gary's classic, digitally rendered, scratchboard style and the nautical theme highlights Gary's real ability to capture motion and light in his illustrations.

Safe Harbor by Gary Alphonso

Ship at Sail by Gary AlphonsoLighthouse by Gary AlphonsoView more of Gary Alphonso's work at i2i Art Inc.

Gary Alphonso: Creates Facebook and Twitter Banners

Recently, Gary Alphonso was asked by The Design Office of Ann Marie Ternullo to create this art for Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative Association’s Facebook and Twitter pages.  The art was originally created for the co-op's annual report.  Ann Marie’s idea was to have the art modified by Gary, to create digital banners for their social media marketing–a very effective use of the art.  Elements within the art were moved around to accommodate the Facebook and Twitter logos while maximizing the impact of the image area.  Aside from offering a custom solution for their social media marketing it also took advantage of the branding established by the annual report, creating a nice continuity across platforms.  

As a master with Adobe Illustrator, Gary Alphonso creates everything from futuristic high tech art to vintage woodcut illustration--but it's always his dynamic compositions that carry his trademark style into any application so perfectly.

This is the original illustration Gary created for the Annual Report that was modified for use as in social media banners.

©Gary Alphonso_GA622_i2iArt

Check out Gary Alphonso's entire portfolio.



Gary Alphonso for Canada Post: Unveiling New Community Mailboxes

In response to the shrinking demand for snail mail, Canada Post has begun to phase in an expansion of it's Community Mailboxes (CMB's) vs door-to-door delivery.  The process of developing the CMB's was carefully executed with a strategy that involved lots of consumer input through focus testing at various stages in the development.  Canada Post was looking for the perfect CMB to take it's customers into the 21st Century.  One of the key criteria for the new CMB's was to develop an art wrap that would hopefully work as an anti-graffiti barrier.  This is where the call for Gary Alphonso's illustration talents came in.  

Working with the team at Ove Brand | Design, headed up by creative director Peter Baker, Gary Alphonso was given an open creative brief as they embarked on an exploration of various abstract directions.  The art evolved into a beautiful ethereal design that incorporated the maple leaf (a ubiquitous Canadian symbol), floating as if being carried by a gentle wind.   The process was a real contest but in the end, we are proud to report that Gary Alphonso's floating leaf design was among the most popular in focus testing.

Gary Alphonso's illustration applied as a wrap to the mailboxes.
©Gary Alphonso_GA672_i2iArt
Here are some pics of the mailboxes in communities across the country.




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Gary Alphonso for Tim Hortons

  Everyone loves Tim Hortons coffee and doesn't everybody notice the art they use on the Holiday cup every year?  The answer is a resounding 'Yes', isn't it?

Commissioned by Tim Hortons' branding and design agency, *PIGEON, Gary Alphonso illustrated the art for Tim Hortons' classic holiday campaign! Working with the Pigeon team, the art came together beautifully and was applied to the hot drink cups, bakery bags and boxes.

Everyone was thrilled with how it turned out and we are proud to share with you Gary's art and a few pics of the finished products.

©Gary Alphonso_GA665_i2iArt
©Gary Alphonso_GA665_i2iArt
Snowman Finished Art 3b
Snowman Finished Art 3b
©Gary Alphonso_GA665-a_i2iArt
©Gary Alphonso_GA665-a_i2iArt
©Gary Alphonso_GA665-b_i2iArt
©Gary Alphonso_GA665-b_i2iArt

Gary Alphonso for the ROM's "God's Among Men" Exhibition

Gary was commissioned by Hambly and Wooley to create an illustration for research testing of an ad campaign for the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). The results of the testing would determine the final concept direction for the "Gods Among Men" (Mayan Civilization) exhibition at the ROM.  The client wanted to explore a more colorful vibrant direction that would only be possible with illustration, with the focal point being a Mayan King in full flamboyant costume, in the context of a Mayan village with pyramids and lush scenery.  Gary says "The challenging part was to take bits and pieces from the mountains of research material provided by the ROM and depict how colorful these these "Gods among Men" would dress.  The strange gestural pose was not accidental!  It was important to show the stance these kings would strike to differentiate themselves from mere mortals." In the end the ROM, opted for a more photo based approach.  Click here to see more of Gary's illustration.

Gary Alphonso for Harlequin

Gary Alphonso created a cover for the paperback edition of Hazards of the Game by Norma Tadlock Johnson. The art director wanted a very graphic feel to the cover where type would be a major element.  They decided to place the text within the shape of the sand trap since the story takes place on a golf course.  Another requirement of the illustration was to include some of the clues to the mystery: the pink golf ball, the discarded putter and the Siamese cat. The challenge was to design the illustration with the type from the early rough stages as opposed to creating the illustration and having the designer apply type after the fact. Here are two versions to show the importance of type - an early draft and the tweaked type that became the cover.

Hazards of the Game Art-1st
Hazards of the Game Art-1st
950-Hazards of the Game Final Cover
950-Hazards of the Game Final Cover