Dave Murray illustrates Toronto for Airbnb

The folks at trevor//peter were coordinating a series of events for Airbnb this summer and they needed a wow factor. Taking place in the heart of Toronto, Canada the team decided a map of the city - 10 feet x 15 feet - would be the perfect way to draw the crowd to their booth. 

Illustrator Dave Murray, a proud Torontonian, was chosen to work on the project. Dave quickly assembled a brilliant collage of Toronto's coolest neighborhoods and points of interest. Graphic, bold, colorful, the piece beckons you to point out where you live or where you need to visit. 

Check out more of Dave Murray's illustration. Represented by i2i Art Inc. 

Angelica Yiacoupis for The York School Prospectus

Angelica Yiacoupis showcases her uniquely graphic, whimsical style in The York School Prospectus. The bright, primary color palette and imaginative, mechanical creations ignites a sense of play and wonder. Art directed by Deirdre Hughes at Agency59 this was a bit of a dream job for Angelica who gathers her inspiration from the fun and unexpected.

See Angelica's work animated on the prospectus website.

Angelica Yiacoupis is represented by i2i Art Inc. See more of Angelica's wonderful illustration.

Greg Stevenson for Avenue Magazine

Greg Stevenson recently showcased his vector-based line drawing in a feature for Avenue Magazine, art directed by Venessa Brewer. The article on Calgary's growing communities gave Greg the opportunity to capture family fun along with city and streetscapes. Greg's continuous line art, intermingled with photography captures the expression and movement of Calgary perfectly. 

Gary Alphonso: Creates Facebook and Twitter Banners

Recently, Gary Alphonso was asked by The Design Office of Ann Marie Ternullo to create this art for Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative Association’s Facebook and Twitter pages.  The art was originally created for the co-op's annual report.  Ann Marie’s idea was to have the art modified by Gary, to create digital banners for their social media marketing–a very effective use of the art.  Elements within the art were moved around to accommodate the Facebook and Twitter logos while maximizing the impact of the image area.  Aside from offering a custom solution for their social media marketing it also took advantage of the branding established by the annual report, creating a nice continuity across platforms.  

As a master with Adobe Illustrator, Gary Alphonso creates everything from futuristic high tech art to vintage woodcut illustration--but it's always his dynamic compositions that carry his trademark style into any application so perfectly.

This is the original illustration Gary created for the Annual Report that was modified for use as in social media banners.

©Gary Alphonso_GA622_i2iArt

Check out Gary Alphonso's entire portfolio.



Fresh New Talent: Illustrator Angelica Yiacoupis

i2i Art is proud to introduce illustrator Angelica Yiacoupis--the latest addition to our roster.  Based in North London, Yiacoupis graduated from the London College of Communication with a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration.  Her infographic style, combined with her light-hearted humorous nature always makes a bold statement.  Angelica loves to develop characters (and alternative worlds inhabited by them).  Her passion for animals and the environment are also recurring themes in her work.  See Angelica Yiacoupis' complete portfolio.

Proposed Campaign for Orange, mobile and Internet company, UK.
©Angelica Yiacoupis_AY147_i2iArt
Meet Vera the Explorer!  An enthusiastic crusader created for the promotion of Aloe Vera Products.

©Angelica Yiacoupis_AY142_i2iArt

 Below a very cool mascot designed for Mad Grads' Student Planners, for Nottingham and London Universities, comes to life as the character illustrates aspects of student life.

©Angelica Yiacoupis_AY119_i2iArt


©Angelica Yiacoupis_AY120_i2iArt


©Angelica Yiacoupis_AY121_i2iArt




Rémy Simard: Ad Campaign for Teachers

  The Corktown Seed Co., commissioned Rémy Simard to contribute his fun and kid-friendly illustrations to their fresh new branding effort for the Teacher's Credit Union.  Here is a sampling of the alphabet cards for the ongoing, 'It Pays To Be You' campaign, art directed by the lovely Cai Li.  To see more of Rémy Simard's work visit his updated portfolio here.

TCU Letter Cards ©Rémy Simard/i2iart
TCU Letter Cards ©Rémy Simard/i2iart