Sarah Beetson at Supergraph, Australia

Sarah Beetson had a fantastic showing at the Supergraph show in Carlton, Australia recently!  To see Sarah's updated illustration portfolio visit here.


Sarah exhibited original artwork, giant limited edition screen prints, clothing, cushions, bags, badges and saucy playing cards!

©Sarah Beetson_SB834_i2iArt


Sarah created live portraits of exhibition goers onsite (time slots rapidly sold out), as did five designs of her giant badges.  She says "The exhibition was my most successful since Pick Me Up at Somerset House, London, back in 2012.  I did A LOT of drawing that weekend! It was great fun painting everyone, as well as talking to visitors and receiving (stonkingly good!) feedback on my work!"

©Sarah Beetson_SB836_i2iArt

Sarah always colorful, fun and unique illustrations for fashion, editorial, surface design and advertising.

©Sarah Beetson_SB837_i2iArt


Our debut at Surtex 2013

Here we are ready for day one! 

Featuring prints and patterns from participating artists:  Sarah Beetson, Alanna Cavanagh, Harvey Chan, Katy Dockrill, Betsy Everitt, phil, Mark Hoffmann, Monika Melnychuk, Ian Phillips, Thom Sevalrud, Tracy Walker and Tim Zeltner.

From left:  Ian Phillips, me (Shelley Brown), Tracy Walker, Betsy Everitt and Alanna Cavanagh.

Our pillow and plate presentation drew a LOT of oohh's & aahh's!  Thank you Ian Phillips, for doing such a fabulous job of designing our booth!

Ian holds up two of our custom pillows seated below our fabulous plates!  We held a draw for the pillows and plates following the show.

Tina Roth Eisenberg aka Swiss miss checking out our artists' work for some Tattlys!

Me (Shelley Brown) with Arren Williams, Creative Director at the Hudson's Bay Company.  

Sarah Beetson Explores the Darker Side of Fame

  As Oscar buzz mounts to a frenzy with the upcoming Academy Awards, we share with you this piognant body of work by Sarah Beetson based on the theme "Homage to Hollywood".  Beetson created a series of larger than life paintings (some of them over 5 1/2 feet square), for the group exhibition held at 19 Karen Contemporary Art Gallery in Australia.  Sarah's series, entitled The Lost Boys, explores the turbulent nature of child celebrity.


On her inspiration for the show, Beetson said, "I wanted to look at the darker more destructive side of fame. The seven subjects (Corey Haim, River Phoenix, Heath Ledger, Brad Renfro, Christopher Pettiet, Jonathan Brandis and Sage Stallone) were a generation of boys all born in the 1970s or early 80s, who all began acting in childhood and all died due to substance abuse or suicide in their 20s and 30's. I grew up watching them in Hollywood movies like, Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead, Stand By Me, License To Drive, The Never-ending Story II, Rocky V, Sleepers and 10 Things I Hate About You. ".


Photos courtesy of Mark Bermingham.  Below is Sarah and her 'Mad Hatter' friend Patrick having a blast at the show opening in front of two of her giant paintings.  (Everyone attending the show dressed up as their favorite Hollywood characters.)

Sarah Beetson 'The Lost Boys' opening

The child star Cory Haim, notably from the film, The Lost Boys, 1987.

Corey Haim illustration ©Sarah Beetson/i2iart

River Phoenix from the hit film Stand by Me, 1986.

River Phoenix 'The Lost Boys' art ©Sarah Beetson/i2iartHeath Ledger,  The Joker in The Dark Knight, 2008, who died before the film's release.


Sarah Beetson: Interview with Russell Brand

Sarah Beetson was illustrated a double page spread for UK Magazine Nuts', interview with the provocative Russell Brand.  Below is her sketch with type and the final art.  We think her 'out there' approach to the illustration is a perfect send-up for Mr. Brand! For a peek at the process below is Sarah's art at the rough stage.

Here is the final art.

Sarah Beetson in 'Pick Me Up 2012'

Sarah Beetson has an exciting new surface design collection she has put together for the 2012 Somerset House Pick Me Up show.  The exhibition is a contemporary graphic art fair, showcasing work from the best illustrators, graphic novelists and designers from the UK.  The exhibition opens March 22nd and runs until April 1, 2012 at Somerset House, Embankment Galleries, Strand, London.

Sarah's new collection includes cushions, skirts, totes and handbags, some made-to-order dresses and screen printed t-shirts.


Art printed to fabric (from L to R: Mirror Repeat on Silk Viscose Velvet, Celluloid Repeat on needlecord and the quilt from cotton poplin.) These fabrics were also used in quilts and cushions

Below are some of the handbags and totes she has created:


For a peek into the creation of the t-shirts check out Sarah's blog here.




Sarah Beetson's "I Dream in Celluloid", opens in Ottawa, Canada

Sarah opened her fourth solo show in February in Mermaid Beach, Queensland Australia. "I Dream in Celluloid" toured across Australia and the UK and finishes up in Ottawa, at La Petite Mort Gallery in October. Five of the images from this show won "best in book" in the Creative Review 2011 Illustration Annual.  The show, "I Dream in Celluloid",  is a collection of work based on dreams and memories inspired by and affected by Sarah's obsession with film.



Playful Packaging by Sarah Beetson

Wild Strawberry Fairy                                   Sweet Apple Fairy

Juicy Watermelon Fairy                                 Black Cherry Fairy

These recent illustrations of Sarah Beetson's could be packaging for fruit drinks or equally fun in a Children's book. How about lip balm labels? My daughter's class would buy out the store to get their hands on these illustrations regardless of what they appeared on!

Sarah's Studio

Not all illustrators work the same - another illustrator, a very different studio. Sarah is currently working out of her studio on a farm in the Gold Coast region of Australia.