Ian Phillips: The Wiggle in Your Walk Must Go

Chiropractor, Dr. Richard Robinson, approached i2i art to have Ian Phillips illustrate a cover for his new book addressing a phenomenon that he'd observed and treated for years.  Apparently the vast majority of us have a little wiggle when we walk that actually translates into back problems over time.  In his helpful guide he offers suggestions to deal with the wiggle and thus the back.  The question that begs asking is, how many of us are willing to let go of our little swagger? Ian ended up wearing both his designer and illustrator hats as he approached this assignment.  The striking illustration that emerged from his concept and evocative type treatment work beautifully to communicate what the good doctor had in mind.  Don't you just love the illustrative direction this project took Ian in?  There's a bit more realism and retro and together it's fabulous!

Ian writes in his blog:  "This was a fun project, I think I probably drew about fifty pairs of shoes before I got the right look for this! Note the continued stripe pattern in the fabric folds at the knee, the pockets, and repeated on the bottom of the shoe and on her t-shirt. Adds a little playfulness."

To see more of Ian Phillip's illustrations visit his portfolio.

©Ian Phillips_IP1409_i2iArt

Ian Phillips: Banners

Some years back, Ian Phillips created a version of these wonderful editorial headers for a small press magazine.  They were used in the design of the various sections:  Book Review, Letters, Contributors and Editor’s Note.  

Recently I was chatting with Ian about how much I liked these lovely conceptual images and he enthusiastically offered to revisit them in his fresh new style adding text using his new hand created font.  To see more of Ian's updated portfolio please visit here.


Voila!  People reviewing books…(chop, chop)

©Ian Phillips_IP1042_i2iArt

Not so friendly letters to the editor…(shall we say fuming?)


Ian says the Contributor's piece was based on the fact that there’s always one bad egg in the bunch. Can you guess who the spoon is? (clue:  it starts with 'E')

©Ian Phillips_IP1040_i2iArt

Ah yes!  And there’s always the editor’s note…quite possibly signed in blood!

©Ian Phillips_IP1041_i2iArt


Ian Phillips maps a tasty treat!

Persian's are a delicious treat Ian encountered in Northern Ontario.  Fascinated by the phenomenon, he illustrated this map highlighting where Persian's can be found.  Ian says, "Legend has it that sometime in the 1930s a Mr. Bennett baked the very first Persian in honour of a guest visiting from the Middle East. A conflicting story declares the delicacy was named after its American cousin, the Pershing, which was named after General Pershing. Others claim the Five Star Bakery originated the special treat as a means to sell day-old cinnamon buns.  Debate over the secret ingredient in the icing — whether it’s raspberry, cherry, or strawberry — also continues to this day.  Although Persians now abound throughout The Lakehead region, confrontations over which bakery produces the most authentic pastry have created a permanent melee throughout The Great Northwest."  To see more of Ian Phillip's maps and other illustrated treats visit here. THUNDER-BAY-PERSIANS-MAP-©Ian Phillips_i2iart

Ian Phillips Illustrates New (416) Amsterdam Beer Packaging

  In celebration of Amsterdam Brewery's 25th anniversary, this Toronto based brewing success story decided to relaunch their (416) wheat beer.  Named after the Toronto telephone area-code…this beer honours all things Toronto!


Creeshla Hewitt, Creative Director with St. Joseph Content, approached me looking for an illustrator who does maps and she said, "The kicker is that we'd like them to understand toronto...as it is for hip toronto haunts.", so I shared with her a link to our Pinterest board called 'Maps'.  From there she immediately saw the potential in Ian Phillips.  I knew she had made a perfect choice in Ian (a master with maps, his love of Toronto and 'inside' knowledge of hip haunts)... just a couple of great reasons.  She was also under a lot of pressure to deliver in a very tight time frame and I knew that Ian would never let her down!


The working relationship between Creeshla and Ian was a joy to observe as the art unfolded.  To find out more about his process, take a look at this juicy post by Ian himself on his blog:  http://ianphillipsillustration.wordpress.com/2013/07/05/coming-soon/

©IP959_416Map_Logo©IanPhillips_416Beer_Packaging Illustration

Our debut at Surtex 2013

Here we are ready for day one! 

Featuring prints and patterns from participating artists:  Sarah Beetson, Alanna Cavanagh, Harvey Chan, Katy Dockrill, Betsy Everitt, phil, Mark Hoffmann, Monika Melnychuk, Ian Phillips, Thom Sevalrud, Tracy Walker and Tim Zeltner.

From left:  Ian Phillips, me (Shelley Brown), Tracy Walker, Betsy Everitt and Alanna Cavanagh.

Our pillow and plate presentation drew a LOT of oohh's & aahh's!  Thank you Ian Phillips, for doing such a fabulous job of designing our booth!

Ian holds up two of our custom pillows seated below our fabulous plates!  We held a draw for the pillows and plates following the show.

Tina Roth Eisenberg aka Swiss miss checking out our artists' work for some Tattlys!

Me (Shelley Brown) with Arren Williams, Creative Director at the Hudson's Bay Company.  

Ian Phillips for The Government of Canada

Art director, Paul Bonsell of Manifest Communications had a vision to create a light-hearted infographic to illustrate the serious business of the Get Cyber Safe web campaign sponsored by the Government of Canada.  With his vivid imagination and fun style, Ian Phillips was just the illustrator to deliver the faux pirate's map!  The infographic's goal is to help the general public get smart on Phishers who lurk in the deep waters of cyber space, gathering personal information--banking info, credit card numbers and passwords etc.  For more information visit getcybersafe.ca.

i2i Artists Support LGBT Youth Line

i2i artists Thom Sevalrud, Ian Phillips and John Webster are 3 of 20 artists and designers commissioned by Shaun Moore of MADE  to create custom auction paddles for the Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Youth Line's upcoming yearly Line Art Auction taking place November 6th at the Neubacher Shor Gallery. Ian Phillips' paddles inspired by his beloved dog and muse, Fancy Polanski, RIP.

'IPAuctionPaddles' illustration ©Ian Phillips/i2iart
'IPAuctionPaddles' illustration ©Ian Phillips/i2iart

John Webster's paddles, everything Webster wonderful...do I hear bling, bling?

'JWAuctionPaddles' illustration ©John Webster/i2iart
'JWAuctionPaddles' illustration ©John Webster/i2iart

Thom Sevalrud says, "The concept for my paddles was influenced by Semaphore signalling flags. I used the Semaphore alphabet to create the word YOUTH. Then I took liberties with the designs by 'complicating' them with flamboyant and crazy patterns that I made myself. The overlaying word QUEER is meant to complete the visual statement to go along with the symbolic representations to form the words QUEER YOUTH. Defiant, colorful and individual!".

'TSAuctionPaddles' illustration ©Thom Sevalrud/i2iart
'TSAuctionPaddles' illustration ©Thom Sevalrud/i2iart


Ian Phillips: Ouija Board - Unlucky Edition of 13 - Available at Art Toronto

The Holiday Arts Mail-Order School (H.A.M.S.) operated by i2i artist, Ian Phillips and author Derek McCormack will appear at The Toronto International Art Fair, this October 28-31! Presented by The Art Gallery of York University (AGYU), this specially commissioned haunted schoolhouse is the result of a four year correspondence school that offers instruction to men and women who wish to celebrate Hallowe'en in a creative manner. The show will feature top work from students and will offer for purchase limited edition school souvenirs and novelties connected to the school's coursework. Hallowe'enologists Ian Phillips and Derek McCormack will be on hand to take your questions and offer demonstrations. Alumni welcome! Trick or Treat! More information here: http://www.arttoronto.ca/

Ian Phillips - In Toronto

Ian created these illustrations for an article on the Provincial election in Ontario. These three variations were illustrated before the election occurred and based on concerns that Ian (and many Torontonians) has about the current slash and burn philosophy of the municipal government in Toronto.  The third illustration is the version used for the article, "Déjà Voodoo Economics", in the October issue of In Toronto magazine. To see more of Ian's fabulous maps and lettering, click here.

Ian Lends Whimsy to Serious Subject

Recently Ian Phillips was commissioned to bring his humor and whimsy to a very serious story about bone health for the summer issue of Positive Side magazine. The story investigates HIV-related issues with regard to bone density. Bones can be healthy, brittle or too soft… Ian says, "First Goldilocks and The Three Bears came to mind. Then the Three Little Pigs and their houses of straw, sticks and bricks flashed through my mind as a better analogy. The smart-thinking pig built his house with bricks, demonstrating a proactive role in one’s health as the better choice."


Ian Phillips Alternate Sketches

We're all intrigued with the creative process and what sometimes gets created, but not used, in a project. Ian recently shared an alternate sketch for a recent project he did for  Canadian Underwriter. Here are the two different versions he created for the article "Investigating Personal Injury Fraud". The first is the image that did not get used- a more playful take on the issue.

Travel Month at i2i

It seems to be "travel" month at i2i. Alanna Cavanagh created a fashionable view of trips to Paris for Hemispheres Magazine, Ian Phillips supplied these incredible maps of walking tours in 5 cities for Viv Magazine and Tim Zeltner continues to create amazing landscapes for United with art direction from Barrie D'Rozario Murphy.

Alanna Cavanagh's cover for Hemispheres Magazine

Ian Phillips City Maps for Viv Magazine