Ian Phillips: Banners

Some years back, Ian Phillips created a version of these wonderful editorial headers for a small press magazine.  They were used in the design of the various sections:  Book Review, Letters, Contributors and Editor’s Note.  

Recently I was chatting with Ian about how much I liked these lovely conceptual images and he enthusiastically offered to revisit them in his fresh new style adding text using his new hand created font.  To see more of Ian's updated portfolio please visit here.


Voila!  People reviewing books…(chop, chop)

©Ian Phillips_IP1042_i2iArt

Not so friendly letters to the editor…(shall we say fuming?)


Ian says the Contributor's piece was based on the fact that there’s always one bad egg in the bunch. Can you guess who the spoon is? (clue:  it starts with 'E')

©Ian Phillips_IP1040_i2iArt

Ah yes!  And there’s always the editor’s note…quite possibly signed in blood!

©Ian Phillips_IP1041_i2iArt


Tracy Walker: Wall Decor

Tracy Walker's gorgeous art is now available wholesale through McGaw Graphics, so keep your eyes open for prints from an extensive collection of her work that could be popping up in Museum stores (eg. MoMA, The Met Store), Barnes & Noble, CB2, Urban Outfitters, ZGallerie and more.

Birds in the Garden 1


Birds in the Garden 2


To see more  of Tracy's art featured in the McGaw Graphics' catalogue go here.


Tim Zeltner for Brewer's Association

  Working with Allison Seymour, art director for the American Homebrewer's Association Tim Zeltner created this cover at for the March/April issue of Zymurgy Magazine, featuring the concept of home brewing with locally sourced ingredients.  Tim's trademark rural landscape painting with the surrealistic addition of a pint of home brewed beer, create a dreamy utopia for any beer lover.


Alanna Cavanagh's Christmas Pudding!

  At this time of year it's all about sharing the season's delicious treats with our friends and family.  This lovely fresh image created by Alanna Cavanagh for her holiday surface design collection, was chosen by designer, Margaret Dyer (who has such good taste), of Austen Eliot Communications.  It was sent out to her clients as part of a limited edition gift basket presentation.  Printed on a  beautiful matt stock, the colour just pops!


Wouldn't you just love to send this greeting card out next year?  In 2013, i2i art will be exhibiting at SURTEX and one of our stationery clients is sure to snap this image up for their holiday line, so stay tuned.

Doug Martin for Sunriver Resort

  Working with Erin Martin, marketing manager at Sunriver Resort, Doug Martin continued (for the 7th consecutive year) illustrating the 2012 Traditions Guide.  The guide outlines over 100 activities families can take part in at the Resort over the holiday season.  We think the retro twist to the design emphasizes a return to good old fashioned family fun!  Wish you were here?


Tracy Walker for Smithsonian Magazine

Art directed by Maria Keehan for Smithsonian Magazine, Tracy Walker re-created a section of the Sistine Chapel with a contemporary twist for the article Hard-Wired for Art.  In the words of writer, Abigail Tucker: "It's about how the brain processes art. In particular how scientists studied the neural response to Michelangelo's illustration of Adam's expulsion from Eden, featured on the chapel's ceiling."


i2i Artists Support LGBT Youth Line

i2i artists Thom Sevalrud, Ian Phillips and John Webster are 3 of 20 artists and designers commissioned by Shaun Moore of MADE  to create custom auction paddles for the Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Youth Line's upcoming yearly Line Art Auction taking place November 6th at the Neubacher Shor Gallery. Ian Phillips' paddles inspired by his beloved dog and muse, Fancy Polanski, RIP.

'IPAuctionPaddles' illustration ©Ian Phillips/i2iart
'IPAuctionPaddles' illustration ©Ian Phillips/i2iart

John Webster's paddles, everything Webster wonderful...do I hear bling, bling?

'JWAuctionPaddles' illustration ©John Webster/i2iart
'JWAuctionPaddles' illustration ©John Webster/i2iart

Thom Sevalrud says, "The concept for my paddles was influenced by Semaphore signalling flags. I used the Semaphore alphabet to create the word YOUTH. Then I took liberties with the designs by 'complicating' them with flamboyant and crazy patterns that I made myself. The overlaying word QUEER is meant to complete the visual statement to go along with the symbolic representations to form the words QUEER YOUTH. Defiant, colorful and individual!".

'TSAuctionPaddles' illustration ©Thom Sevalrud/i2iart
'TSAuctionPaddles' illustration ©Thom Sevalrud/i2iart


Ian Phillips: Ouija Board - Unlucky Edition of 13 - Available at Art Toronto

The Holiday Arts Mail-Order School (H.A.M.S.) operated by i2i artist, Ian Phillips and author Derek McCormack will appear at The Toronto International Art Fair, this October 28-31! Presented by The Art Gallery of York University (AGYU), this specially commissioned haunted schoolhouse is the result of a four year correspondence school that offers instruction to men and women who wish to celebrate Hallowe'en in a creative manner. The show will feature top work from students and will offer for purchase limited edition school souvenirs and novelties connected to the school's coursework. Hallowe'enologists Ian Phillips and Derek McCormack will be on hand to take your questions and offer demonstrations. Alumni welcome! Trick or Treat! More information here: http://www.arttoronto.ca/