Clare Owen: Paris Card for Papyrus

Clare Owen illustrated all things Parisian to form the handmade calligraphy for Paris on this greeting card. It features delightful icons which form the letters including a croissant, baguette, the Eiffel tower, a post lamp, champagne and a delicious café au lait.  Beautifully produced by Papyrus, the special finishes bring Clare's art to life through the use of 3D tip-ons, foil stamping and glitter accents. Love the croissant pattern on the inside of the envelope--just one last delicious detail to make this card a perfect gem. 

Want to see more?  Visit Clare Owen's portfolio.

Clare Owen for Cooking Light's Summer Cookbook

Food is a favorite subject matter for Clare Owen so when given the opportunity to contribute her illustrative talents Cooking Light's Summer Cookbook Clare was thrilled.  

The "Farmer's Market" edition was art directed by Sheri Wilson and showcases three fabulous city markets every foodie should know: Portland's market at PSU, Chicago's Logan Square and Philadelphia's Headhouse market.

Clare's main illustration accompanies an article on "how to shop" and features all the elements you look for in a great farmer's market. Clare's rich color palette and use of texture brings the 'scene' to life. Her contemporary style shows just how hip shopping at the market can be.

Summer Farmers Market illustrated by Clare Owen

Summer Farmers Market illustrated by Clare Owen

What's happening in Chicago, Philly and Portland illustrated by Clare Owen

What's happening in Chicago, Philly and Portland illustrated by Clare Owen

Hungry for more? View Clare's complete portfolio. Clare Owen is represented by i2i Art Inc.

Clare Owen for Everyone Loves Paris

teNeues has published a lovely new collection of all things Paris.  Everyone Loves Paris is edited by the talented Leslie Jonath--who fell in love with Clare Owen's Paris illustrations.  Leslie artfully curated this wonderful collection from renowned illustrators around the world.  Needless-to-say, Clare (a self proclaimed Francophile) was delighted to contribute her art!  

teNeues has this to say about the collection, Everyone Loves Paris includes tributes from over 50 illustrators from around the world. From grand landmarks—such as the Eiffel Tower, Sacré-Cœur Basilica, and the Louvre Pyramid—to the small pleasures of daily life, each image expresses the joys of this marvelous city through the perspective of each artist’s brush...Everyone Loves Paris is a delightful meander that will inspire you to view the City of Light from a new angle and in a multitude of styles."

Here now is the cover featuring a lovely ©Emma Block Illustration

Ramelli Paris Cover 3.indd

Clare Owen's Chat Noir and Aujour d'hui

©Clare Owen_CO135_i2iArt©Clare Owen_CO138_i2iArtFeast your eyes on Clare Owen's delightful portfolio.

Mystery Book Covers: Clare Owen for Harlequin

Clare Owen has now created three gorgeous covers with art director Sean Kapitain at Harlequin.  The front cover for Hunting Sweetie Rose and Honestly Dearest, You're Dead are featured below.  Stay tuned to see the third in the series--to be released in March 2015.  Clare's illustrations are so inviting but be careful, with these mystery covers, the devil is in the details.

©Clare Owen_CO183-a_i2iArt
©Clare Owen_CO183-a_i2iArt
I just love the details like the wind blowing the curtain and the steam rising on the coffee. They seem to bring the story to life.

Digging Clare Owen, self-confessed cat lover and fabulous illustrator

Recently we shared some of Clare Owen's new work and the response was fantastic!  We didn't want anyone to miss out on her sublime illustrations. Check out Clare Owen's portfolio and get inspired to commission an illustration by this fabulous illustrator! Clare_Owen_Email_Image_for_Blog_100314