Janice Kun for USC Dornsife Magazine

Our genetic blueprint is still a very mysterious concept. For the article "Molecular You" in the most recent issue of USC Dornsife magazine, Janice Kun captures that mystery and intrigue in a series of beautifully atmospheric illustrations. Using a combination of line drawing, watercolor and photography Janice's imagery provides layers of subtle, yet powerful, detail. With incredible art direction by Daniel Knapp we are given the chance to ponder the impact of our DNA through Janice's work.  

See more of Janice Kun's illustration. Represented by i2i Art Inc

Greg Stevenson’s Poster Series for Open Mic Night

Nothing better than catching some live music at the local pub, right? Greg Stevenson has been a regular at Scallywags  for quite some time and over the years he’s been responsible for a lot of their terrific poster art. The assignment to brand and help promote their new Open Mic Night was right up Greg’s alley.

Greg used his signature hand-drawn lineart with plenty of color and texture when he designed and illustrated this poster series. Greg’s unique way of contextualizing photos perfectly captures what we know will be a good time.

Janice Kun for the Government of Ontario

  Janice Kun collaborated with Deirdre Hughes, creative director with Agency59, to create the illustration used for Kathleen Wynne's Government of Ontario Sexual Violence and Harassment Action Plan.  Both an honour and a challenge, the art needed to show the optimism the new Action Plan promises, while at the same time representing the struggle and the work to be done on this important societal problem.


To accomplish all of this, Janice's illustration needed to take a conceptual approach in showing the urgency and the action to be taken on the issue of sexual violence and harassment.  Through her unique blend of photography, hand rendering and digital collage, Janice's mixed media illustration set out to do all this.

SVHAP cover

Below in the main double page spread of the report, three figures work together to reshape a landscape that moves rhythmically from the darkness of an abstracted, geometric background, into one of brighter, bolder colours, and organic shapes. Their dialogue sparks the process of change by writing a new script, painting a new horizon, and cultivating new growth.

Eng spread







Visit Janice Kun's entire portfolio.

Introducing new i2i Art illustrator: Anna Godeassi

Anna Godeassi attended the School of Design in Milan, before launching her freelance illustration career. She has contributed her illustration to Vanity Fair, Elle Decor, Conde Nast Traveler and Rolling Stone Magazine as well as numerous advertising campaigns.  

Anna is full of brilliant ideas and enthusiasm.  She often delicately integrates photographic elements into her mixed media conceptual illustrations, adding another layer of interest to her evocative images.  Now without further ado --- we share a sampling of her work with you.

Portrait of Roberto Bolle
©Anna Godeassi_AG118_i2iArt
Love Tree

©Anna Godeassi_AG130_i2iArt

Why Men Disappear
©Anna Godeassi_AG128-a_i2iArt

©Anna Godeassi_AG135_i2iArt

Facebook Privacy

©Anna Godeassi_AG126_i2iArt

Check out Anna Godeassi's portfolio.

Aside from editorial and advertising work, Anna is an accomplished children's book illustrator.  Contact us at info@i2iart.com for a pdf portfolio of her children's book samples.



Ozzie Award for Diabetic Living Story Illustrated by Janice Kun

Congratulations to Diabetic Living, on the Folio Ozzie Award for Consumer Publications: Best Use of Digital Imagery for the “Let’s Go to Camp” story illustrated by Janice Kun.  Many thanks to art director, Michelle Bilyeu who shared the news with Janice, "Our team loved how this story turned out and you did a fantastic job making it come alive!".  Working closely with Michelle Bilyeu, Janice Kun artfully incorporated the many photographic moments with illustrated elements highlighting this true-to-life portrayal of camp life.

Incorporating kids' letters and handwriting really helps make this their personal story.
©Janice Kun_JK248-a_i2iArt
Love the subtle use of a black and white photo with spots of color (top center).

©Janice Kun_JK250-a_i2iArt

To see more of Janice Kun's playful illustrations integrating photographic elements, check out her updated portfolio.


Janice Kun for Hewlett Packard

  These images are a sample of the art created by Janice Kun that comprised the 'Card of Good Intentions' for HP.  With audio design by Randy Knott, Janice's award winning art was animated to count the days of Good Intentions for HP throughout the month of December.  An ode to the holiday season!  To see more of Janice's ethereal art take a peek at her updated portfolio here.

©Janice Kun_JK171_i2iArt
©Janice Kun_JK171_i2iArt
©Janice Kun_JK173_i2iArt
©Janice Kun_JK173_i2iArt
©Janice Kun_JK175-a_i2iArt
©Janice Kun_JK175-a_i2iArt
©Janice Kun_JK269_i2iArt
©Janice Kun_JK269_i2iArt
©Janice Kun_JK270_i2iArt
©Janice Kun_JK270_i2iArt

Margaret Lee: Being A Writer

  Working with talented art director Roberta Morris, Margaret Lee created these fun book covers for the Being A Writer Program.  With a combination of actual student writing and hand created collage elements Margaret brings her clean and graphic layered treatment to these age-appropriate illustrations.  To see more of Margaret's inspiring collage style art visit here.

©Margaret Lee_ML277-a_i2iArt

©Margaret Lee_ML279-a_i2iArt

©Margaret Lee_ML281-a_i2iArt

©Margaret Lee_ML282-a_i2iArt

Greg Stevenson for Canadian Living

Combining Greg Stevenson's hand lettering, info graphic icons and layered photo-illustration adds a fun, upbeat mood to these stories of courage, art directed by Stephanie White.  In this recurring feature, called A Year of Firsts 2014, meet and be inspired by the people who embraced a whole year of trying new things, whether facing fears or embracing change.  Peruse more of Greg's illustration here.

©Greg Stevenson_GS691_i2iArt
©Greg Stevenson_GS691_i2iArt

Theresa Albert

©Greg Stevenson_GS689_i2iArt
©Greg Stevenson_GS689_i2iArt

Christina Campbell

Janice Kun - Black History Stamps

Canada Post celebrates Black History Month by commemorating two distinctive and historic African-Canadian communities: Vancouver's Hogan's Alley and Halifax's Africville.  

Working closely with designer, Karen Smith, Janice Kun created the background watercolors depicting historical churches, central to these communities.  Typical of Janice Kun's style, the pairing of the paintings with supplied historical photographs is a delicate dream-like balance between these real people and remembered communities.

Janice_Kun_Africville NS_BlackHistory_FDC_CPC
Janice_Kun_Africville NS_BlackHistory_FDC_CPC
Janice_Kun_Hogan's Alley_BC_FDC_CPC
Janice_Kun_Hogan's Alley_BC_FDC_CPC

Tracy Walker for Scintelligence

Working with Gayle Akler of Sparkplug Marketing and Communications, Tracy Walker created elements to showcase the Life Sciences start up, Scintelligence, whose purpose is to "work directly with industry, academia and other key stakeholders to bring prospective partners together..."  The concept was all about growth and digging deeper and Tracy's organic and shapes and scientific iconography work perfectly to convey the message visually.  The elaborate promotional package housed an actual shovel (with a sprinkling of dirt no less!)--to drive home the message which was further conveyed in the accompanying brochure. Scintelligence Credentials illustration ©Tracy Walker/i2i art

Scintelligence illustration ©Tracy Walker/i2iart

©Tracy Walker_scintelligence_ blog



Tim Zeltner for Brewer's Association

  Working with Allison Seymour, art director for the American Homebrewer's Association Tim Zeltner created this cover at for the March/April issue of Zymurgy Magazine, featuring the concept of home brewing with locally sourced ingredients.  Tim's trademark rural landscape painting with the surrealistic addition of a pint of home brewed beer, create a dreamy utopia for any beer lover.


John Webster: The Thrifty Life

Freelance Art Director Samantha Edwards asked John Webster to illustrate a feature for Canadian Living called The Thrifty Life.  John's retro collage approach evokes a time when life seemed much simpler and free of excess.  Author Patricia Dawn Robertson writes about her experience leaving a life of debt and over-spending and entering into one of thrift and frugality, which she says, "...can get a bad rap sometimes, but living these values can actually make your life more satisfying, happier even."