Gary Alphonso Mystery Book Covers for Harlequin

Gary Alphonso began his career as a scratchboard illustrator in the 1980s. That is where Gary learned the precision of line and shadow evident in his work today.  As Gary evolved his technique, he began creating 'scratchboard' art in Adobe Illustrator, in both black and white and full color. 

These cover illustrations for Harlequin's Worldwide Mystery Series featuring Vicki Delany's Constable Molly Smith showcases Gary's ability to create drama through perspective and lighting in a retro poster art style. His technique, perfected over many years, creates a stunning outcome.

The latest in the series, Negative Image will be in stores March 2016. 

Birds of the World: Adult Coloring Book by Remy Simard

Often labelled as a way to tap into your inner child I'm here to say that adult coloring books deliver more. Much more. When our artist Remy Simard was approached by Blue Star Coloring Books to illustrate a new adult coloring book I was pretty intrigued. A quick Google search revealed a wealth of information about the stress relieving properties of these little books. Could coloring release the tension I carry around each day? Worth a shot. 

The experience was pretty transforming. My multi-tasking ways melted away as I became engrossed in the art of staying in the lines. A sense of accomplishment washed over me at the end. A masterpiece? Not quite, but that didn't matter much. I had a greater prize, a sense of calm. Coloring is my new meditation.

Remy Simard chose to center his first coloring book with Blue Star around the topic of birds; birdwatching being Remy's own form of relaxation. So grab your pencil crayons and dive into 30 beautifully illustrated pages crying out for some color. 

Birds of the World is available for purchase on > 

Available now through

Available now through

Remy's applies color to one of his own creations

Remy's applies color to one of his own creations

Pigeons in Paris

Pigeons in Paris

Soaring through the City

Soaring through the City



Remy Simard is a celebrated illustrator.  See more of Remy's work. 

Tim Zeltner's mystery book covers for Llewellyn Worldwide

Tim Zeltner has now created two incredible covers with art director Lynne Menturweck at Llewellyn Worldwide. Tim’s whimsical illustrations, handpainted on wood, set just the right tone for these novels by Loretta Ross. Let the detail in these beautiful illustrations draw you into the mystery that unfolds within the pages.

Death and the Redheaded Woman, Ross’ debut, can be enjoyed now and Death and the Brewmaster’s Widow is available for pre-order.

Clare Owen for Everyone Loves Paris

teNeues has published a lovely new collection of all things Paris.  Everyone Loves Paris is edited by the talented Leslie Jonath--who fell in love with Clare Owen's Paris illustrations.  Leslie artfully curated this wonderful collection from renowned illustrators around the world.  Needless-to-say, Clare (a self proclaimed Francophile) was delighted to contribute her art!  

teNeues has this to say about the collection, Everyone Loves Paris includes tributes from over 50 illustrators from around the world. From grand landmarks—such as the Eiffel Tower, Sacré-Cœur Basilica, and the Louvre Pyramid—to the small pleasures of daily life, each image expresses the joys of this marvelous city through the perspective of each artist’s brush...Everyone Loves Paris is a delightful meander that will inspire you to view the City of Light from a new angle and in a multitude of styles."

Here now is the cover featuring a lovely ©Emma Block Illustration

Ramelli Paris Cover 3.indd

Clare Owen's Chat Noir and Aujour d'hui

©Clare Owen_CO135_i2iArt©Clare Owen_CO138_i2iArtFeast your eyes on Clare Owen's delightful portfolio.

Tim Zeltner for Henry Holt's Power Down Little Robot

  Power Down Little Robot, is a very special children's picture book lovingly illustrated by Tim Zeltner and written by Anna Staniszewski.  When it's time to power down for the night, Little Robot is not ready and he quickly opens his stalling program.  From there, the story is very familiar to avoidance experts everywhere (mombots and dadbots), and told with one fun twist after another.  In the end Mom Unit knows how to get him tucked in to his module as he finally powers down.


Sally Doherty, Executive Editor for Henry Holt Books for Young Readers, fell in love with Tim Zeltner's art.  Power Down, Little Robot is the second picture book she has commissioned him to illustrate.  Upon receiving Tim's final art for the book Sally's reaction was, "Wow!  You've done it again--you've really knocked us out with your extraordinary vision for this story.  I just love everything about what you've done:  the colors, the style, the expressions.  Fantastic!"  Well deserved praise for Tim Zeltner's beautiful hand painted illustrations on wood.


"Now hurry and clean your cogs.", says Mom Unit.  The Little Robot says to himself, "I try to brush them at half my normal rate, but nothing gets past Mom Unit's sharp eye."
©Tim Zeltner_TZ447_i2iArt
"But I'm not tired!  Look.  My power level is still at yellow."

©Tim Zeltner_TZ464_i2iArt

"But I need to tell you a secret!...Did you know that a hummingbot flaps its wings a million times a second?"

©Tim Zeltner_TZ446_i2iArt

"The sleep module is soft and warm.  Maybe I could close my eyes for a millisecond..."
©Tim Zeltner_TZ457_i2iArt
"Dream sequence initiated."

©Tim Zeltner_TZ459_i2iArt

Check out Tim Zeltner's entire portfolio.

Mystery Book Covers: Clare Owen for Harlequin

Clare Owen has now created three gorgeous covers with art director Sean Kapitain at Harlequin.  The front cover for Hunting Sweetie Rose and Honestly Dearest, You're Dead are featured below.  Stay tuned to see the third in the series--to be released in March 2015.  Clare's illustrations are so inviting but be careful, with these mystery covers, the devil is in the details.

©Clare Owen_CO183-a_i2iArt
©Clare Owen_CO183-a_i2iArt
I just love the details like the wind blowing the curtain and the steam rising on the coffee. They seem to bring the story to life.

Tim Zeltner for Harlequin

Art director, Sean Kapitain with Harlequin, has a keen eye for quality illustration and knows how to choose the perfect style to capture just the right mood for the novel.  The backdrop for The Lost Artist is a 19th Century New England farmhouse with a nasty storm brewing.  Who better to illustrate a moody landscape than Tim Zeltner?  Tim painstakingly builds the atmostphere of a painting with his unique combination of layering on wood with: paint, glazes and stains.  Sean Kapitain had this to say about Tim Zeltner's art, "We actually heard back from the author about this cover which is rare! She loved the package and thought Tim's art was absolutely spot on. Great work, Tim!".  Thank you Sean for the wonderful feedback.

I love the way Sean has used parts of the illustration for the spine and back cover.


To see more of Tim Zeltner's delightful illustrations take a look at this portfolio.