Tim Zeltner for Henry Holt's Power Down Little Robot

  Power Down Little Robot, is a very special children's picture book lovingly illustrated by Tim Zeltner and written by Anna Staniszewski.  When it's time to power down for the night, Little Robot is not ready and he quickly opens his stalling program.  From there, the story is very familiar to avoidance experts everywhere (mombots and dadbots), and told with one fun twist after another.  In the end Mom Unit knows how to get him tucked in to his module as he finally powers down.


Sally Doherty, Executive Editor for Henry Holt Books for Young Readers, fell in love with Tim Zeltner's art.  Power Down, Little Robot is the second picture book she has commissioned him to illustrate.  Upon receiving Tim's final art for the book Sally's reaction was, "Wow!  You've done it again--you've really knocked us out with your extraordinary vision for this story.  I just love everything about what you've done:  the colors, the style, the expressions.  Fantastic!"  Well deserved praise for Tim Zeltner's beautiful hand painted illustrations on wood.


"Now hurry and clean your cogs.", says Mom Unit.  The Little Robot says to himself, "I try to brush them at half my normal rate, but nothing gets past Mom Unit's sharp eye."
©Tim Zeltner_TZ447_i2iArt
"But I'm not tired!  Look.  My power level is still at yellow."

©Tim Zeltner_TZ464_i2iArt

"But I need to tell you a secret!...Did you know that a hummingbot flaps its wings a million times a second?"

©Tim Zeltner_TZ446_i2iArt

"The sleep module is soft and warm.  Maybe I could close my eyes for a millisecond..."
©Tim Zeltner_TZ457_i2iArt
"Dream sequence initiated."

©Tim Zeltner_TZ459_i2iArt

Check out Tim Zeltner's entire portfolio.

Mystery Book Covers: Clare Owen for Harlequin

Clare Owen has now created three gorgeous covers with art director Sean Kapitain at Harlequin.  The front cover for Hunting Sweetie Rose and Honestly Dearest, You're Dead are featured below.  Stay tuned to see the third in the series--to be released in March 2015.  Clare's illustrations are so inviting but be careful, with these mystery covers, the devil is in the details.

©Clare Owen_CO183-a_i2iArt
©Clare Owen_CO183-a_i2iArt
I just love the details like the wind blowing the curtain and the steam rising on the coffee. They seem to bring the story to life.

Tim Zeltner for Harlequin

Art director, Sean Kapitain with Harlequin, has a keen eye for quality illustration and knows how to choose the perfect style to capture just the right mood for the novel.  The backdrop for The Lost Artist is a 19th Century New England farmhouse with a nasty storm brewing.  Who better to illustrate a moody landscape than Tim Zeltner?  Tim painstakingly builds the atmostphere of a painting with his unique combination of layering on wood with: paint, glazes and stains.  Sean Kapitain had this to say about Tim Zeltner's art, "We actually heard back from the author about this cover which is rare! She loved the package and thought Tim's art was absolutely spot on. Great work, Tim!".  Thank you Sean for the wonderful feedback.

I love the way Sean has used parts of the illustration for the spine and back cover.


To see more of Tim Zeltner's delightful illustrations take a look at this portfolio.

Ian Phillips: The Wiggle in Your Walk Must Go

Chiropractor, Dr. Richard Robinson, approached i2i art to have Ian Phillips illustrate a cover for his new book addressing a phenomenon that he'd observed and treated for years.  Apparently the vast majority of us have a little wiggle when we walk that actually translates into back problems over time.  In his helpful guide he offers suggestions to deal with the wiggle and thus the back.  The question that begs asking is, how many of us are willing to let go of our little swagger? Ian ended up wearing both his designer and illustrator hats as he approached this assignment.  The striking illustration that emerged from his concept and evocative type treatment work beautifully to communicate what the good doctor had in mind.  Don't you just love the illustrative direction this project took Ian in?  There's a bit more realism and retro and together it's fabulous!

Ian writes in his blog:  "This was a fun project, I think I probably drew about fifty pairs of shoes before I got the right look for this! Note the continued stripe pattern in the fabric folds at the knee, the pockets, and repeated on the bottom of the shoe and on her t-shirt. Adds a little playfulness."

To see more of Ian Phillip's illustrations visit his portfolio.

©Ian Phillips_IP1409_i2iArt

Alanna Cavanagh for Penguin's Puffin Classics Series

  Alanna Cavanagh's trademark cropped figures are popping up everywhere!  Recently Alanna illustrated the cover of Awake and Dreaming.  The cover image sends out a gentle yet provocative invitation to join Theo (the main character) on her journey.  This is one of 4 new editions to become part of Penquin Canada's Puffin Classics Series, where renowned Canadian illustrators breath new life into classic titles.  Art director Lisa Jager did a great job unifying all the covers which you can see on the CBC Books website, where a new edition is being rolled out each day.  Alanna's cover debuted earlier this week.  You can read more about the interview with her here.


Rémy Simard Illustrates Graphic Novel 'Robbers!'

After much praise for his illustrations in Duped!, Rémy Simard was asked by Colleen MacMillan, Associate Publisher at Annick Press, to illustrate their next book entitled Robbers!.  Robbers!, the second book in the graphic novel series for young adults, was art directed by Antonia Banyard. Author Andreas Schroeder, the “resident Scam-meister” on the former popular CBC Radio show Basic Black, spent twelve years reporting on ingenious frauds, swindles, and hoaxes committed around the world.  He continues this fascination with a series of books.

Annick says: "Each story (in 'Robbers!') offers a glimpse into the high-octane underworld of the boldest of robbers. The writer’s fascination with criminal masterminds and the illustrator’s action-packed graphic depictions of real-life thievery make this a compelling read for fans of mischief, mayhem, and bad guys on the run."

'Robbers!' hit book stores this month, but why leave the comfort of your computer? - click here to pick up your copy today!


Mystery Series illustrated by Doug Martin

Doug Martin has been creating the covers for the "Seaside Knitters Mystery Series" by Sally Goldenbaum, published by Penguin. Sally Goldenbaum recently passed on a compliment she received from reader Suzanne Barton, "...I've already bought Moon Spinners and can't wait to start it. Please pass my sincere compliments on to the cover artist. Cover art is definitely something that draws me to a book and, frankly, keeps me from purchasing an e-reader. I saw the other cover on your blog, and love that one too." Thanks Sally and Suzanne! Keep writing and reading, I'm sure Doug is up for another project. Keep your eyes open for  the next in the series, due out in November:  A Holiday Yarn .

New Book Cover by John Webster

John Webster gave this recent mystery novel, Jilted by Death , his trademark vintage, collage feel. This cover was an exciting new direction for Harlequin, departing from the previous style of mystery covers.   We also wanted to show off some of the alternate versions of the cover he developed for Art Director, Kathleen Oudit.

Alanna Cavanagh Lends Her Line to UK Cover of "Hello Heartbreak"

Alanna Cavanagh worked with Art Director Justinia Baird-Murray to create this fun, whimsical new cover for the  Penguin UK paperback edition of of Hello Heartbreak by actress and author Amy Huberman. Alanna says this was a fabulous project as it combined two things she loves to draw: cropped figures and hand lettering. If you're considering adding this to your summer reading list, please note this cover is unfortunately only available in the UK. Maybe the new cover will be picked up in North America as the cover itself is receiving rave reviews, as noted by Leah at  Chick Lit Reviews .

Haunted Hillbilly Hootenanny! Monday June 26, 2010

SideMart Theatrical Grocery of Montréal presents:

Limited edition giclée prints of illustrations from Derek McCormack's books "Haunted Hillbilly" and "Western Suit" (both designed and illustrated by Ian Phillips) will be available in a raffle at the:

HAUNTED HILLBILLY HOOTENANNY! A night of Country Music Splendor!!! Monday June 26th at The Dakota Tavern 249 Ossington Ave, Toronto 8 to 10:30 pm $15

Featuring: Justin Rutledge Afie Jurvanen Doug Paisley Derek McCormack Chelsea P. Manders Matthew Barber and more!

A fundraiser, in support of the upcoming production of HAUNTED HILLBILLY A musical adaptation of Derek McCormack's novel, on stage at Theatre Passe Muraille Aug 6th - 15th part of Summerworks Theatre Festival

(The silkscreened Hatch Show style poster for the musical was also designed by Ian Phillips)