Dan Bransfield illustrates all 50 states

How fun is this! For his recent assignment with the travel magazine AFAR, Dan Bransfield was tasked with illustrating a long list of icons (50 to be exact) and now Dan has decided to sum them all up for us. Take a moment to enjoy Dan’s work and discover what makes the United States of America so unique, one state at a time.

The United States of America, illustrated by Dan Bransfield

The United States of America, illustrated by Dan Bransfield

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Dave Murray illustrates Toronto for Airbnb

The folks at trevor//peter were coordinating a series of events for Airbnb this summer and they needed a wow factor. Taking place in the heart of Toronto, Canada the team decided a map of the city - 10 feet x 15 feet - would be the perfect way to draw the crowd to their booth. 

Illustrator Dave Murray, a proud Torontonian, was chosen to work on the project. Dave quickly assembled a brilliant collage of Toronto's coolest neighborhoods and points of interest. Graphic, bold, colorful, the piece beckons you to point out where you live or where you need to visit. 

Check out more of Dave Murray's illustration. Represented by i2i Art Inc. 

Phil's handcrafted calendar for Gay Lea Foods

Creative director Andrew Gillingham of Agency59 chose the perfect artist to execute this unique idea to promote Gay Lea Foods' products.

Phil was given carte blanche in building an advent calendar and creating the art that adorns each door. If you look closely at the distressed quality of the construction and paintings you'd swear you were looking at a family heirloom.

You can see this advent calendar at work in the Gay Lea  Foods Facebook app. Each day a new door opens to reveal a festive cookie recipe.  

A little imagination is all this illustrator needs to manifest your dream content.  Check out more handpainted illustration by Phil the art guy.

Dave Murray for Reader's Digest, "Birders Unite!"

Hipsters: known for ransacking vintage stores, perfecting their beards and gentrifying neighborhoods with their artisanal food stores. It seemed likely they should revitalize some old school hobbies while they are at it. Like bird watching.  

This month's Reader's Digest article, "Birders Unite!" written by Julia Zarankin, dives into the phenomena of the bird watching millennials.  Needing to combine the tattooed with the wilderness, art director Annelise Dekker picked the perfect artist in Dave Murray.


Caution: These are not your grandfather's illustrations:


Dave Murray illustration Birders Unite for Readers Digest


Dave Murray Illustration Birders Unite ©Dave Murray_DM195b_i2iArt

Uniquely stylized, award-winning illustration.  We invite your to check out more of Dave Murray's illustration.


Jillian Ditner for D Weddings Magazine

  The He Said, She Said column in D Weddings magazine offered a lot of inspiration for Jillian Ditner's illustrations.  It's sage advice for all those walking down the aisle any time soon.


From the groom's, "stock the bar well, but not too well" and "no one cares that you're cutting the cake" to the bride's, "learn how to be gracious" and "DIY - within reason" Jillian captured it all with these playful and poignant images.

She Said: "For real though, get started."

Jillian Ditner She Said Illustration

He Said:  "Pick music you actually listen to."

Jillian Ditner He Said IllustrationHead over to Jillian Ditner's portfolio to see more of her work.



Ian Phillips Illustrates New (416) Amsterdam Beer Packaging

  In celebration of Amsterdam Brewery's 25th anniversary, this Toronto based brewing success story decided to relaunch their (416) wheat beer.  Named after the Toronto telephone area-code…this beer honours all things Toronto!


Creeshla Hewitt, Creative Director with St. Joseph Content, approached me looking for an illustrator who does maps and she said, "The kicker is that we'd like them to understand toronto...as it is for hip toronto haunts.", so I shared with her a link to our Pinterest board called 'Maps'.  From there she immediately saw the potential in Ian Phillips.  I knew she had made a perfect choice in Ian (a master with maps, his love of Toronto and 'inside' knowledge of hip haunts)... just a couple of great reasons.  She was also under a lot of pressure to deliver in a very tight time frame and I knew that Ian would never let her down!


The working relationship between Creeshla and Ian was a joy to observe as the art unfolded.  To find out more about his process, take a look at this juicy post by Ian himself on his blog:  http://ianphillipsillustration.wordpress.com/2013/07/05/coming-soon/

©IP959_416Map_Logo©IanPhillips_416Beer_Packaging Illustration