Dave Murray illustrates Toronto for Airbnb

The folks at trevor//peter were coordinating a series of events for Airbnb this summer and they needed a wow factor. Taking place in the heart of Toronto, Canada the team decided a map of the city - 10 feet x 15 feet - would be the perfect way to draw the crowd to their booth. 

Illustrator Dave Murray, a proud Torontonian, was chosen to work on the project. Dave quickly assembled a brilliant collage of Toronto's coolest neighborhoods and points of interest. Graphic, bold, colorful, the piece beckons you to point out where you live or where you need to visit. 

Check out more of Dave Murray's illustration. Represented by i2i Art Inc. 

Tracy Walker for Middlebury Magazine

  Tracy Walker created this map for Middlebury Magazine, working with design director Pamela Fogg.  Looking for a non traditional approach to map making  Pam wanted Tracy's flare for taking complicated imagery and making it harmonious and simply beautiful.  In the map below, Tracy depicted all of Middlebury College's ski facilities in a double page spread for the Winter 2013 Issue. Tracy was in her element creating this piece; as she says, "It's not often enough that I have the opportunity to create maps, luv 'em...more maps please!"

MiddleburyMap ©Tracy Walker_i2iart