John Webster: The Thrifty Life

Freelance Art Director Samantha Edwards asked John Webster to illustrate a feature for Canadian Living called The Thrifty Life.  John's retro collage approach evokes a time when life seemed much simpler and free of excess.  Author Patricia Dawn Robertson writes about her experience leaving a life of debt and over-spending and entering into one of thrift and frugality, which she says, "...can get a bad rap sometimes, but living these values can actually make your life more satisfying, happier even."



i2i Artists Support LGBT Youth Line

i2i artists Thom Sevalrud, Ian Phillips and John Webster are 3 of 20 artists and designers commissioned by Shaun Moore of MADE  to create custom auction paddles for the Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Youth Line's upcoming yearly Line Art Auction taking place November 6th at the Neubacher Shor Gallery. Ian Phillips' paddles inspired by his beloved dog and muse, Fancy Polanski, RIP.

'IPAuctionPaddles' illustration ©Ian Phillips/i2iart
'IPAuctionPaddles' illustration ©Ian Phillips/i2iart

John Webster's paddles, everything Webster I hear bling, bling?

'JWAuctionPaddles' illustration ©John Webster/i2iart
'JWAuctionPaddles' illustration ©John Webster/i2iart

Thom Sevalrud says, "The concept for my paddles was influenced by Semaphore signalling flags. I used the Semaphore alphabet to create the word YOUTH. Then I took liberties with the designs by 'complicating' them with flamboyant and crazy patterns that I made myself. The overlaying word QUEER is meant to complete the visual statement to go along with the symbolic representations to form the words QUEER YOUTH. Defiant, colorful and individual!".

'TSAuctionPaddles' illustration ©Thom Sevalrud/i2iart
'TSAuctionPaddles' illustration ©Thom Sevalrud/i2iart


John Webster in Covet Garden Magazine

John and his friend Stephanie Power were recently featured in the lovely Covet Garden decor magazine.  Their spaces are perfectly aligned with Covet's interest in environments that have not been styled by  interior decorators.  Both John and Stephanie's artistic esthetic is reflected to a 'tea' in their uniquely delightful homes.  John says, "The best part of the house is that for the first time, my apartment feels like a collage--my art and way of living have become one."  Look at John's portfolio here and see if you can find some of his "curious curios" living in his art. Photos courtesy of Covet Garden, photographer Ashley Capp.

John in his delicious kitchen!

John Webster Illustrates the Queer Point of View on Catholic School Funding

John Webster created these graphic, punchy images for a three part article on Catholic School funding in Xtra magazine.  John describes his thoughts behind the images: "Since the article was about Catholic education and the monies they receive, I wanted to use the money sign for each of the three illustrations.  It becomes part of the character's face (see illustrations 1 & 2)  and replaces a cross on the rosary worn by the nun (illustration 3). To illustrate how the Catholic schools will not allow queer kids to have a voice, I used the classic pink triangle symbol in all three illustrations. We see the symbol being destroyed in the first illustration, being worn proudly as a belt in the second and in and amongst the "taboo" words in the third."


Social Networking in Schools illustrated by John Webster

John Webster created this chalkboard collage to accompany an article on social networking and kids in the school context. The article "What's The Skinny On Social Networking For Teens?" by Cindy Matthews,  appeared in the recent issue of OPC Register. It gives an overview of how teens use social networking, some guidelines for teachers and students as to how to use social media appropriately and the possible benefits social media may play in the school setting.

John Webster illustrates the Odd

John Webster recently created this fun piece, art directed by Shane Lutjens, for an article in Enviva Magazine on odd museums to visit in Houston, Texas.  See if you can spot the references to some of the feature locations: The National Museum of Funeral History- everything you ever wanted to know about Funeral Heritage in the United States: Day of the Dead, Civil War Embalming, etc.

Orange Show Center- The Orange Show was started by a Houston postman, Jeff McKissak, to celebrate his favorite fruit. The Orange Show Center for Visionary Art is now a hub for folk art activity.

Beer Can House- yep, a house made out of beer cans. Ripley's Believe it or Not estimated that over 50,000 cans were used to create the house.

Art Car Museum- what better place to visit while on a road trip than a museum showcasing imaginative  "art cars" and mobile contraptions. They also feature other works of contemporary artists with a car theme.

The Rothko Chapel - founded in 1971, this is a sanctuary available to people of every belief, inspired by the modern, minimalist work of Mark Rothko.

New Book Cover by John Webster

John Webster gave this recent mystery novel, Jilted by Death , his trademark vintage, collage feel. This cover was an exciting new direction for Harlequin, departing from the previous style of mystery covers.   We also wanted to show off some of the alternate versions of the cover he developed for Art Director, Kathleen Oudit.

Virtual Studio Tour

You've heard of "Food Porn" and "House Porn" - those gorgeous glossy magazines that make everything look so good! Now we have "Studio Porn" - check out John Webster's  picture perfect studio.