Margaret Lee: Being A Writer

  Working with talented art director Roberta Morris, Margaret Lee created these fun book covers for the Being A Writer Program.  With a combination of actual student writing and hand created collage elements Margaret brings her clean and graphic layered treatment to these age-appropriate illustrations.  To see more of Margaret's inspiring collage style art visit here.

©Margaret Lee_ML277-a_i2iArt

©Margaret Lee_ML279-a_i2iArt

©Margaret Lee_ML281-a_i2iArt

©Margaret Lee_ML282-a_i2iArt

Thom Sevalrud for Global Brief

  Louis Fishauf commissioned Thom Sevalrud to create this conceptual cover for Global Brief.  Thom also created another feature piece for the interior on Misunderstanding Canadian Multiculturalism. To learn more you can visit Global Brief's site here.  Check out Thom's update portfolio here.

©Thom Sevalrud_TS284_i2iArt
©Thom Sevalrud_TS284_i2iArt
©Thom Sevalrud_TS285-a_i2iArt
©Thom Sevalrud_TS285-a_i2iArt

Tim Zeltner for Brewer's Association

  Working with Allison Seymour, art director for the American Homebrewer's Association Tim Zeltner created this cover at for the March/April issue of Zymurgy Magazine, featuring the concept of home brewing with locally sourced ingredients.  Tim's trademark rural landscape painting with the surrealistic addition of a pint of home brewed beer, create a dreamy utopia for any beer lover.


Thom Sevalrud: Journal for the Norwegian Medical Association

Thom Sevalrud illustrated two of the 22 covers (judged as a series), and awarded the best art overall in the prestigious Norwegian Prize (Fagpresseprisen).  The Journal's art director, Emma Dalby recently got in touch with Thom to share feedback from the judges: "...communicative and well thought out illustrations on every cover - simply beautiful!".  We agree, Thom's images communicate difficult subject matter in a highly creative and yet academic manner.  You be the judge. Congratulations Thom, for this outstanding achievement! Click here to view more of Thom's work.  

This cover illustrated an article on  Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT).

This cover illustrated an article on drug addiction/abuse and drug screening.