Thom Sevalrud's award-winning illustration

American Illustration, Communication Arts, The Society of Illustrators, Luerzer’s Archive, 3x3 Magazine, Creative Quarterly, How Magazine and Applied Arts, these are just some of the organizations that have recognized Thom Sevalrud’s illustration over the years. While abstraction, color and pattern have always been major themes in Thom’s work it’s been the evolution of Thom’s style that has kept his illustration in the spotlight.

‘Call of the Forest’ is Thom’s latest award-winning piece. It will be featured in Creative Quarterly’s issue CQ55. Inspired by the documentary of the same title, Thom sought to pay homage to the ‘song of nature’. His art delights with its rich contrast and decoration.

‘Call of the Forest’ by Thom Sevalrud

‘Call of the Forest’ by Thom Sevalrud

View more of Thom Sevalrud’s illustration. Represented by i2i Art Inc.

Ozzie Award for Diabetic Living Story Illustrated by Janice Kun

Congratulations to Diabetic Living, on the Folio Ozzie Award for Consumer Publications: Best Use of Digital Imagery for the “Let’s Go to Camp” story illustrated by Janice Kun.  Many thanks to art director, Michelle Bilyeu who shared the news with Janice, "Our team loved how this story turned out and you did a fantastic job making it come alive!".  Working closely with Michelle Bilyeu, Janice Kun artfully incorporated the many photographic moments with illustrated elements highlighting this true-to-life portrayal of camp life.

Incorporating kids' letters and handwriting really helps make this their personal story.
©Janice Kun_JK248-a_i2iArt
Love the subtle use of a black and white photo with spots of color (top center).

©Janice Kun_JK250-a_i2iArt

To see more of Janice Kun's playful illustrations integrating photographic elements, check out her updated portfolio.


Dave Murray: Illlustration 57 Reception, SOI, NYC

Big congratulations to Dave Murray on his Indie Alehouse poster illustration--Glory & Consequences, selected for the Society of Illustrators' Illustration 57 annual.  Last week Dave Murray attended an opening reception of the exhibition at the SOI in NYC.  Of this great honor the SOI website says, "the exhibit features works by leading contemporary illustrators worldwide, selected by a prestigious jury of professionals".  If you're in New York this month, drop by and check out the show.  You won't be disappointed.  Details on the show, which runs until January 31, 2015, are on the SOI website.  

We caught up with Dave to get his reflections on the experience and share some of his pics from the opening reception:

i2i Art:  What comes to mind from the SOI reception in speaking with fellow illustrators and art directors?

Dave Murray:   I got a real feeling of community from everyone there. It was my first time at the SOI (and in the annual), so it was a completely new experience. It was pretty amazing just to soak in the atmosphere. I had a bit of a chuckle talking to one illustrator who's work is currently being displayed in the NYC Subway system, but never manages to catch a train that has the work in it. I saw it on nearly every train I took over the few days I was there.

i2i Art:  Did any trends or themes emerge for you in looking at the advertising and institutional art on display at the show?

Dave Murray:  Themes were harder to nail down - I feel like the SOI does a great job of varying the style of the selections - no one style was represented more than another.

i2i Art:  What did you think of the overall quality of the art in the show?

Dave Murray:  The quality of the art on display was amazing. Conceptually and technically, pretty much everything blew me away. Going back to the variety of work - there was such a mix of styles and media...Coming home, I feel incredibly re-energized and inspired.

i2i Art:  What piece of art by a fellow illustrator was the highlight of the show for you?

Dave Murray:  My personal favorite from the show - Andie Dinkins' absolutely unreal "New Years Eve at the Beverley Hills Hotel" piece.

Dave with the poster he designed and illustrated for Indie Alehouse's Glory & Consequences, hanging on those historic SOI walls.



Dave's personal fave, Andie Dinkin's, New Years Eve at the Beverley Hills Hotel.


To see more of Dave Murray's award winning illustration, visit his portfolio here.


Rémy Simard honoured at the 37th Salon du livre de Montreal

i2i Art Inc. is proud to congratulate Rémy Simard, a guest of honour at the 37th Salon du livre de Montreal.  With over 80 titles to his name, Rémy both authors and illustrates children's books.  His humour is ever present.  

The book fair runs this Wednesday November 19th through Monday November 24th, if you're in Montreal don't miss this opportunity to pick up some perfect holiday gifts!

Rémy's latest book, Mes Dinky is published in the Pomelo Éditions by La Watermelon. This beautifully colorful book is perfect for anyone with a passion for cars--especially small ones.  Rémy has his own collection of 140!  In Rémy Simard's own words, "I can not remain indifferent to a car, it is beautiful or ugly."

This the cover of Mes Dinky


And here's a sneak peek of the delightful illustrations you'll find inside.


Rémy is probably best known for his popular series Boris, which he wrote and illustrated.


Thom Sevalrud makes Luerzer's Archive Best Illustrator list, again.

  How do you manage to be named one of the top 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide by Luerzer's Archive, for a second time?  We asked Thom Sevalrud, a master of conceptual illustration, to help us understand his methods and inspiration for his most recent award-winning image 'The Elephant' depicting big data analytics.


i2i Art:  Let's start from the beginning.  How were you approached to create an illustration representing Big Data Analytics?

Thom Sevalrud:  This image was created for the McKinsey Quarterly publication. It was to be a double-page spread to accompany a whole ‘section’ in the journal examining big data analytics. The AD, Jake Godziejewicz, had sent me the articles and a short brief that explained what they needed; including some very specific examples of mine that showed the approach they preferred.


i2i Art:  Why an elephant?

Thom Sevalrud:  I wanted to nail a perfect image of something big, yet something multi-faceted. It all came together fairly quickly once the water provided the metaphor for ‘washing away the complexities’ of data. I sent the idea to Jake and explained that the elephant image would be a perfect way to ‘over-fill’ a double page spread with both sides of the creature being cropped off the page……like it didn’t fit.  I'm glad Jake loved the idea.


i2i Art:  Was this painted traditionally?

Thom Selvarud:  It was acrylic on paper, then I added a subtle binary code into random areas of some of the diamond shapes in the elephant using digital tools.


i2i Art:  And how did you get the nod from Luerzer's Archive?

Thom Selvarud:  At about the time I was working with McKinsey Quarterly, I was invited to once again submit to Luerzer’s Archive 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide. Illustrators are first nominated and screened before they are invited to enter. Their work is then taken to another level of judging and are chosen from an international collection of work, where my elephant made the cut. I have now been included in 2 of the 5 collections of The Best Illustrators by Luerzer’s Archive.

©Thom Sevalrud_TS282_i2iArt'The Elephant' as it appears in Luerzer's Archive 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide

Thom Selvarud in Luerzer's Archive

Thom Sevalrud is represented by i2i Art Inc. | View Thom Sevalrud's complete portfolio

Thom Sevalrud's Surface Design Recognized by American Illustration

Thom Sevalrud's 'Abstractions' were recognized by American Illustration and chosen for their website award archive. The clean graphic images were used in different configurations as surface design on gift bags for the annual Buddies In Bad Times Art Auction last fall.  Congratulations Thom!

©Thom Sevalrud_TS307_i2iArt
©Thom Sevalrud_TS307_i2iArt

Greg Stevenson: Sin & Self-Improvement

  The Alberta Magazine Publishers Association is pleased to announce the finalists of the 2013 Alberta Magazine Awards and we are delighted that this cover art created by Greg Stevenson for art director Kim Larson, is one of the award winning covers.

Alberta Venture initial sketch ©Greg Stevenson-i2iart
Alberta Venture initial sketch ©Greg Stevenson-i2iart

Feeling inspired by the subject matter, Greg went to town covering all the sinful bases with his first sketch (above)!

(we just thought you'd enjoy this behind the scenes sneak peek into Greg's process)

Alberta Venture Final ©Greg Stevenson-i2iart
Alberta Venture Final ©Greg Stevenson-i2iart

And this is the award winning cover art! 

Tracy Walker: Print's Hand Drawn Competition

  Tracy Walker's "In Pursuit of Little Red Riding Hood", a hand-cut paper piece, was selected as one of 30 winners in Print Magazine's Hand Drawn Competition for 2012.

The work was created as one of a series of fairy tales, cut into paper, and bound into salvaged books. The series was exhibited and all pieces were sold.

Deadline for entries for Print's HandDrawn 2013 competition has been extended to December 1/2012.

Tracy Walker: Illustrators Unlimited

i2i art is honored to announce that Tracy Walker's work is featured in the new publication, Illustrators Unlimited, a collection of international contemporary illustrators.  Gestalten (the publisher) says, "In recent years, illustration has evolved from a purely service-oriented trade to an expressive, poetic, and esteemed voice in contemporary visual culture".  The book can be browsed and purchased on the Gestalten site.  It will also be available through Indigo and Amazon (fall 2011).  To see more of Tracy Walker's illustration go here.

Sarah Beetson's "I Dream in Celluloid", opens in Ottawa, Canada

Sarah opened her fourth solo show in February in Mermaid Beach, Queensland Australia. "I Dream in Celluloid" toured across Australia and the UK and finishes up in Ottawa, at La Petite Mort Gallery in October. Five of the images from this show won "best in book" in the Creative Review 2011 Illustration Annual.  The show, "I Dream in Celluloid",  is a collection of work based on dreams and memories inspired by and affected by Sarah's obsession with film.



Thom Sevalrud selected for 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide

Thom Sevalrud is featured in Luerzer's Archive - 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide. A selection of top art directors worldwide identifies a list of illustrators for the publication.  After an illustrator is selected, they are then invited to enter work commissioned from the prior 18 month period.  Thom's winning illustration (below) is on page 210 in the 2011/12 volume.  

KermaA copyRGB
KermaA copyRGB

Tracy Walker a winner in Applied Arts 2011 Illustration Awards

Tracy Walker's Earth day poster, created in collaboration with Brad Pearson and Keith Treffry of Earth Day Canada, has won in the poster category of the Applied Arts 2011 Photography &Illustration Awards.  All winning work will be showcased in the May/June 2011 issue of the magazine, the Winners Gallery on the Applied Arts Website and at the annual Winners Exhibit, to be held on Wednesday, October 26 and Thursday, October 27, 2011 at Artscape Wychwood Barns in Toronto.



MEC Bags in 2010 Applied Arts Design and Printing Awards

Monika Melnychuk created a funky, fun line of illustrations for Mountain Equipment Co-Op's reusable bags.  The series placed in the recent Design and Printing Awards run by  Applied Arts magazine - showcasing some of the best work produced this past year. This series has also won awards with The Art Directors Club of Canada, Print Magazine's Creativity and Commerce Competition and Design Edge Regional Awards for the BC and Yukon area.

A sampling of the bags, and below - the full wraparound as a panel image:

Ian Phillips in 3X3 ProShow No. 7!

Ian Phillips has placed in both the Gallery and Self-Promotion categories of 3x3 ProShow No. 7. The listing of all ProShow winners is currently on the 3x3 blog. The actual issue won't be out until the fall - but below is a sneak peek at Ian's winning entries. Also involved in the 3 x 3 International Student Show No. 7 is Thom Sevalrud , another i2i illustrator and teacher at Sheridan Institute. Thom is one of the judges for this year's competition. (winners to be notified mid-June).

From Ian's Carnival Series -Peanuts and Popcorn placed in the Gallery Category.

Fancy in Space placed in self-promotion      49 Smiles placed in self-promotion

Ian Phillips in American Illustration #28 and 3 x 3 Magazine Annual #6

Check out Ian Phillips' cover for Green Candy Press' "Cultivating Cannabis In The 21st Century" which appears on page 262 of American Illustration #28. Check out his small but growing portfolio of previous selections that were included in past editions.

The cover was also selected by a panel of judges for 3x3 Magazine's Illustration Annual #6 along with an illustration he did on the topic of Canadian health care. In addition to the 3x3 Annual, Ian has 4 previously unpublished images running in their new Illustration Directory.