Margaret Lee: Being A Writer

  Working with talented art director Roberta Morris, Margaret Lee created these fun book covers for the Being A Writer Program.  With a combination of actual student writing and hand created collage elements Margaret brings her clean and graphic layered treatment to these age-appropriate illustrations.  To see more of Margaret's inspiring collage style art visit here.

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Margaret Lee Illustrates a One Woman Zoo

Margaret Lee produced these dreamy, evocative images to accompany an article on Diane Ackerman's book, One Hundred Names For Love- A Stroke, A Marriage and the Language of Healing. The article, published in the Penn Stater, the alumni magazine for Pennsylvania State University, where Paul West (Diane Ackerman's husband) taught.  The book chronicles their journey through Paul's stoke and how they adapted to recover his use of language. The two illustrations were based on a chapter in which Paul mourns the loss of the pet names he used to have for Diane.  She notes "It was true. Once upon a time, in the Land of Before, Paul had so many pet names for me I was a one-woman zoo...In our mythology there were golden baby owls, ring-tailed lemurs, axolotls, shoulder rabbits, honeybunnies, bunnyskins...and many more."  She encourages Paul to re-invent pet names and endearments for her.  Some he creates are : Celandine Hunter, My Little Spice Owl, and Spy Elf of the Morning Hallelujahs.